This is the self-discipline method, the different effect for producing

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This is the self-discipline method, the different effect for producing.
Inside the self-discipline vigorously Mi book, inside that body inside strength increment will soon, can blood vessels' breaking through will be very difficult.
But inside boxing self-discipline in the house, the natural intelligence has the highest request, inside the strength increase very slowly, the only advantage-break through blood vessels to want many easy.
Tiger form absolute being!
Not the Kui declares absolute being, this does, the Teng green mountain is from the completely sinking to immerse to sharply promote in this real strenght wonderful felling.Again in next exactly a month time, Teng green mountain everyday great majority time is all practicing 《tiger form magical power 》 , the whole individual's body character, continuously raise by astonishing speed.
Inside the courtyard.
A head of tiger as if occupy in the Teng green mountain on the ground, whole body the hot air steam Teng and treat station start, hot air dissipation.
"This tiger form magical power, to body the small incitement is too violent, the body humidity consumes too many.After the practice each time, all want to drink more water."The Teng green mountain walks to the flood urn of one side place, start to grasp water Piao, the one breath connects to drink three Piao waters, this whole individual just feels at ease.
After so long training, Teng green mountain also the principle of understand 《tiger form magical power 》 .
"If say, raise a stone lock and roll iron ball etc., is all thick macroscopic aspect muscle, physique training.This 《tiger form magical power 》 in"Teng green mountain dark way, " is the training of tiny view!It is to lie prone on the ground to look, have no how much variety, can actually, that is depend inside strength, breath, strength dint to stimulate internal organs, muscle fiber and physique cell, make it is promoted.The previous incarnation modern is social, hear some short athlete of runnings, once used some electromagnetism techniques, stimulate a muscle growth.Just, those science the household-use electromagnetism stimulate, effect far not equal to I am this 《tiger form magical power 》 ."
The electromagnetism of previous incarnation stimulates body and also be placed in a research initial stage, only relax to regulate, promote the weakest function that the muscle promotes.
And, those instrument prices are extremely high.
"However, equally stimulate, usually do.The effect will be more and more low ……to certain extent, this kind of stimulates, will have no function."The Teng green mountain really knows this, seem to drink, drink to inebriate most easily for the first time, also easily promote a capacity for liquor, more and hereafter, the capacity for liquor is more and more big.
However to certain extent, the capacity for liquor was extreme limit.Even in along with the decrepitude, the capacity for liquor still descends.
A truth, 《tiger form magical power 》 can let the body character of Teng green mountain, quickly raise, attain a brand-new height.But attain this high after, will depend 《tiger form magical power 》 again and then can not promote hereafter.Even in wait body decrepitude, the body character also descends.
"Self-discipline this 《 tiger form magical power 》also a month, however train every time now, the range promote, I have already canned not realize by myself!Can although can not realize, the body character in fact remains at the most slow-moving promote.The magical power 》practice in about a year, about completely useless, " of"the Teng green mountain is understand, 《 tiger form however, this promoting of short short[one] month, catch up past I promoting of 23 years range!"
The Teng green mountain is extremely happy.
From 10-16 year olds, these six yearses, the Teng green mountain owns more than 100,000 catties of huge dint, can say an evil absolute being sort existence.
But train this month now, but let his strength, fully raised many near 50%.
More and upwards promoting is more difficult, only a month, on the strength but on the extreme limit foundation, promote 50% again.Have to admit-tradition more than 1,000 years of inside boxing in the house is really magic.
Present Teng green mountain, represent inside the highest point of house boxing!
Inside when boxing in the house increase in the ancient world spiritual influence can attain of highest point!
The Kuang thou Shuo now of inside boxing the first in house strong.

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