The Teng green tiger touches head a smile

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There is horse in empress courtyard, that red blood horse at after courtyard.
"All all abode, can compare 100 man long abode, very too many."The Teng green mountain right away returns to the abode at first and received oneself's younger sister'green rain', also shouted a cousin'green tiger', started moving house together, waited clothes some things, together and all moved new house of.
Cost half of two-hour period, thing just all move a new house.
"."Green rain beats to roll on the bed of room, " elder brother, this bed is very soft to is very comfortable."
"All all abode, compare our 100 mens grow of abode, much more extravagant."Teng the green tiger Be in admiration of to looking at on all sides, " green mountain, you this room is many, I can at you this lived."
"I prohibit, don't you live?"The Teng green mountain makes fun to say with smile.
The Teng green tiger touches head a smile.
At by this time-
"Green mountain eldest brother!Green mountain eldest brother!"Unauthorized biography in the courtyard door comes to voice, Teng green mountain 3 people together walk out.
Open the door, outside in the door was exactly green various Ge cloud and various Ge 2 people.
"Green mountain eldest brother, I know that you rose it's all all, and then moved lately, specially congratulate."Various Ge cloud says, suddenly various Ge cloud realizes the younger sister of flank'the various Ge is green'not in the right, the various Ge of flank is green to be staring at'green rain', because green rain is embracing the arm of Teng green mountain, seem to be very at the moment is intimate.
The various Ge is green to see toward the Teng of green mountain:"Green mountain eldest brother, she is who?"
"Do you say a light rain?"The Teng green mountain smiled.
The green mountain that the various Ge is green to listen to Teng say'light rain'these two words, so very intimate, is not been one Zhan by heart bottom.
"Green miss."Flank of Teng the green tiger connect say, " this is the green mountain her younger sister, green rain!"
"Is this his younger sister?"The various Ge is green to feel a while the mood dulcifying, connect to run over there, very intimately start to lead long the hand of Teng green rain:"I hear that the green mountain eldest brother contains a younger sister, is call green rain, I the list is a 'green', your the name am like very much with me, do we decree by destiny."
Teng green rain looking at various Ge green:"Do you call various Ge green?To."
"H'm."The various Ge is green to connect to nod.
"I yesterday, also listen to the elder brother bringing up you."Teng green rain says.
"Really?"Various Ge the green heart bottom is dark pleased.
The Teng green mountain of flank, sees various Ge green and green rain of oneself's younger sister, meet and then get along well, not from is very happy.Immediately and then see toward various Ge cloud:"Small cloud, this is my younger sister'Teng green rain', I take to come over from the home she this time, however in the black A soldier, the woman is too little, all heavy man.So, I think ……can let light rain she joins to return a dollar religion and become the pupil that returns a dollar religion?"
Outward accept pupil according to returning a dollar rules religion, generally is 10 years old as follows.
"This is all right."Various Ge cloud generous way, " green rain she is your younger sister, you are that our black A soldier is all all!Is that we return a dollar religion internal person, what does this small matter calculate?"
Teng green rain also exultation.
Last night just come, Teng green mountain talked over this matter with younger sister, at return a dollar religion anyway be free, also rather studied a Mi book inside the strength.And 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 the not that suitable woman learn, and younger sister green rain, also want to learn in the heart, the of course not opposes the proposal of Teng green mountain.
"Light rain.Affair in"the green miss also says, ", I said 1 to go, need not green mountain eldest brother appeared publicly."
Green miss, that but believe in a main daughter, this small matter calculates what.
"H'm."The green rain connecting of pleased Zi Zi nods, " thanks you, small green."
The Teng green mountain looking at these two female kids and just talks in a short while, 'light rain''small green'very intimately called, the man and woman had differentiation.
"Light rain, you come me to return a dollar religion, haven't taken a walk well?"The green miss says, " I take you to see to Long Gang , there is also canal ten precinct chief dike, take ship tour good-looking.Wait an evening, more beautiful."
"Good."Green rain connects to nod, " my elder brother basically has no time to accompany me to have fun."
The green miss turns a head to see toward Teng green mountain:"Green mountain eldest brother, I take a light rain, she goes out first to take a walk."
"Like, good."The Teng green mountain enjoys thus.

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