At every step back

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"The territory that forget me!"The Teng green mountain heart bottom a surprised.
"Shout!"Relentless of the sword only and in a twinkling stab before the chest.
The Teng green mountain right Zhang fiercely claps shot on the sword ridge, the body is a vivid Shan body, can the other party silver scale sword once rowed an arc and again covered with a Teng green mountain.
At every step back!
"This G really played a life."Teng green mountain the in the mind is some hasty.
He once reads 《You month gun Dian 》 , after knowing to attain inborn, needed some steps of self-discipline.Have to attain for example'extremely'state, then the absolute being can break'mire pill temple', just have an opportunity to step to go into'inborn falsely Dan'state.Is also say ……every inborn falsely Dan of, all come to a'extremely'state.
But want to attain'solid Dan'state, have to comprehend'forget me of territory'or comprehend'true I of territory'.
'Forget me'and'true I'state, as long as comprehend it a, meeting soon step go into'inborn solid Dan'layer.However'forget me'and'true I'state still distinguishing.
Forget my state, the difficulty is low, if self-discipline'forget my state', hereafter attain'inborn gold Dan'possibility will the lowest.At'forget my state'in the status, only have combat in the whole personal brain, want to kill opponent regardless of everything, for killing opponent even in doesn't hesitate etc. that oneself breaks arm severely wounded.
Forget my state under, accurate say, already nonexistent Be getting more rational.
Really my state, difficulty Gao, hereafter attain'inborn gold Dan'possibility, want to be a lot of high.Really I state status, fight consciousness the slightest unlike forget my state bad, and still contain rational.
Once the whole body heart gets into'forget my state', that is a combat bedlamite!
"This G really played a life, don't kill me, he is unwilling."
The sword shadow once rows a Teng green mountain belly, row tattered clothing, even in at'the Xuan AN inside iron'up leave a sword scar.
100001000 swords only cover with a Teng green mountain, the Teng green mountain seems to be some in the sword light distress.
"Do not can descend so to go to."The Teng green mountain is getting more hasty, own body strength, plus'inborn falsely Dan'contain of explosion dint, and'inborn solid Dan'the superior differ only a few.But ……on the state, oneself differs up a , oneself basically not understand'forget my state', also not understand'true my state'.
According to'You month gun Dian'medium description.
No matter BE'forget me'still'true I', is all strongest combat consciousness, can oneself meeting of sword method, and marksmanship...etc., perfectly display out.And, true to inborn dollar ground usage, also ingenious arrive a highest point.The space confidence that fights to 2 people, also extremely accurate, even in can predict the other party next move attack.
Can say so-
'Forget me'and'true I', can already personal real strenght, develop to arrive most highest point!'Is true I'ratio'forget me', being just many one is rational.
"Would rather meet self-discipline'true I'of, don't want to meet self-discipline as well'forget me'of, he is a robot now, a bedlamite."Teng green mountain fiercely a fast disease ground turns over a body, at the same time double boxing, good a pair of iron balls be been malicious to hit in the ground, bomb of one Be huge to ring!
Be deep-fried to ring by the side of the ear like the spring thunder!
The earth bombs however explodes to open, because the Teng green mountain has intention to operation, majority of mountain stones all shot into Deng Geng.
"Walk person!"Teng green mountain immediately the dynasty below the hills rush to escape.
"Rest to escape!"The double eye ash receives of Deng Geng, imitate a Buddha wild beast sort to roar low one to rush out an in great quantities disorderly stone bar and turn to make a quickly passing time very and soon and make track for toward the Teng green mountain.
2 people a front one empress, Deng Geng but inborn the solid Dan is strong, at light achievement up again excel.But uncannily is ……2 people's distance be quickly spacing out.
"A bedlamite!However be get into'forget me of territory', this straightly escapes speed to can't increase, either."Teng green mountain as if a flash of lightning, he now but the inborn is strong!So ……《the limits of the earth goes 》 of the previous incarnation academic association, he finally can display second floor light achievement.

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