A short moment, the Teng green mountain came out wild

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Will'eagle claw in the sky'the boxing set put into package inside, wear to up drink blood knife, then set out once again on package of back.
A short moment, the Teng green mountain came out wild.
"Or the outside is comfortable!"Coming out is wild, the sunlight in that morning falls on the body, warm ocean ocean of, the light breeze kiss noodles, is more at ease, " air is also much more delightfully fresh, don't seem to be wild inside, that wild beast corpse putrefied breathing often the year don't spread."Teng green mountain the mood is very good.
This time at wild inside about ten, and that G one war!
That war, the Teng green mountain is really placed in a leeway, however this is the cause of Teng green mountain useless gun!
After all this whole life, Teng green mountain energy all on the marksmanship, cost's 1 inch grows one inch strong, the transmigration of soul gun really displays to open.Although the state ascends worse than the other party.Can the marksmanship of Teng green mountain, but worst, if 2 people put together to die one war, with Teng green mountain marksmanship it wins noodles to be no lower than 50% relentless!
Just ……marksmanship the superior is too little, the Teng green mountain marksmanship many people all knew.Once using marksmanship, have to fight a life, don't kill Deng Geng, the identity then and very may expose.
And use boxing method, even if don't kill Deng Geng, the identity can't expose, either!
"Anyway my purpose, is break them good matter!The effect attains and then went."Kill not to kill Deng Geng, the Teng green mountain has no too interested, " is a line of this time wild, result's pouring isn't small."
Ate Zhu Guo, stepped into inborn, also get products like eagle claw in a sky,etc.
"Is the most important of still it!"The Teng green mountain touched the black small Ding of touching the chest and and put into clothes later on.Black small Ding relationship with treasure diagram, the Teng green mountain is lazy to take care of, in his in the mind ……the small Ding is in remembrance of meaning more important.
Wu An Jun's city.
Da, Da, Da.
The Teng green mountain leads long a green Zong horse and runs about Liu Hu Jie in Wu An Jun's city.At the beginning Teng green mountain will that'Li 珺 'the setting is here, and he also promises and revenges for her.
"Do not know that young girl, now how."The Teng green mountain walks to walk and in astonishment discovers, " Yi, this lake street, how so noisy!"The side of Liu Hu Jie, that can is all big official residence, can buy of rise of, can is all merchant prince, cock of the walk thing.
This lake street, usually still very quiet in the daytime.
The lake noodles by the side of Liu Hu Jie up, stop an argosy with beautiful, Teng green mountain also understanding, that is to spend a ship!Is general till evening, on this lake noodles will have a great deal of flower ship, draw on coast some merchant princes seek pleasant some kind of.
"Is now a daytime, how can spend a ship so more?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
A flower ship, depend nearerly, among them have the biggest flower ship even in pull in to shore, but unexpectedly came together closely one big cluster of person on the lawn of near the bank, suddenly on seeing, must have 1000 people most at least, row opened several Zhangs to grow.
Teng green mountain simultaneously leads long a horse, the dynasty fatty Wang's place walks to, simultaneously looking at jollification, listens to clearly shout a voice:"Below come out of, is our head of four joss-sticks of fragrant park in the sky'spring joss-stick'miss."Immediately that closely ascend 1000 people all shouted.
"Spring joss-stick miss, tonight, you were mine."
"Ha ha, I came to pay tribute for you."
That laughter a burst of of.
Treat Teng green mountain walk up, just detection.
Originally this near the bank lawn up, below spreads woolen blanket, up put a table piece, fully have 50 tables.An is dressed in stylish merchant prince the magnates to sit by the side of the table, their escort, servants all the station is in one side.The merchant prince persons pleasingly drink and eat fruits etc., looking at a flower to perform on board.

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