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The true circumstance for surprising everyone BE, Liao learns soldier university graduation hereafter have never been subjected to woman's favor.
But the president has never done a survey and listenned to the attitude that he boast thus, associate Smith's madam again to treat him and believed in the heart several become, hesitate to say:"E, little Liao, that I said to do a reference for you, I nothing important experience, 30 year agos get married of the wife isn't and up matchmaker introduction, talk what feelings.However four year agos she died."
"Is true regret."Liao learns a soldier to deep in sorrowly mourn, " sorry should not bring up your sad affair."
Surprisingly president's topic a turn:"Ha ha, so say that I have already had no mental state to bear."
The old guy still really has spirit ……Liao learn a soldier to organize language and express to is in love the self-confidence that the expert should have hard:"Make track for a woman, want to attain to know both your opponent and yourself first, then can be ever victorious, Mr. president, I ask you, do you understand Smith's madam?You understand her to like what brand of perfume, love to watch what television program, love discuss what topic?Do you know her past career and the viewpoint in nowadays?Her home marital status, her daily life, her most happy matter and the sadest matter, are you clear?"
The sweat Cen of president's forehead Cen but bottom, foolish a long time just extrude words:"……All don't know.I feel I deeply be fond of last she is noble of qualities.Love one personal demand reason?"
"The love of course not demand reason, but pursue love demand means."
"Alas, what you said is Right-o, I to Smith's madam don't understand at all.That do you say that how should I do?"Telephone that of the president Be self-effacing to sit down, the Nao Nao didn't leave hair style head in Mediterranean of several root hairs.
The mental state that controls a person is undoubtedly to make people very pleased, Liao at the moment learns a soldier satisfied and uncommon, pale of face also deeply is several to give bonus smooth, say with smile:"The current square one has to be all-directions understand Smith's madam, read to understand her, so as to guess man's type that she likes most , then you then with approach the image of her in a dream lover to appear most , 19 can become.Perhaps at that time need not you dedicated affability, she turned over to fall in love with you and tied up a lousy dozen to your dead."
The president swallows saliva and anxiously asks:"That how do we understand her?"
"This the research of observation, patience and the judgment of the reasonableness that is an endless process, need delicacy extremely."Liao's learning a soldier is like teaching a primary school to living, the belly has been already smiled to turn over.
The president is tiny to feel disappointment, say:"The affair seems to be very tough, I don't know what observe, how judge analysis."
"Stop worrying, president, I and your joint effort, at most a month time, fight for the whole circumstance of a Smith's madam pry clear.You have me this feeling saint to be staff officer and also fear to fail?In three months you if can not ascend the madam's bed, I lift head to see!"Liao learns a soldier the oath solemnly pledged signed military command-like in shape, joke, even if not successful does the president dare to make known to go out?Anyway vaporing need not capital.
The president is again happy, say:"So this matter pleased, which coffee shop does the Smith madam drink an afternoon tea?"
If not is to across a telephone, Liao learns a soldier to almost want to spring up to a Chuo to lambaste:"Feed, isn't your having a little certainly dint very good?In case that you hastily appear in madam's in front and wear to pack inappropriate, talk to talk not satisfactory, lower on the score in her heart, hereafter there is still drama?Wait me for you observe a period of time again say, day hereafter grow where!"
"That good, that good."The president roars with laughter a way:"The evening drinks, I pay!We meeteach other detailed talk."
Drink again?Don't you know that I declare a wine country crazy guest?However had to turn down due to inviting Feng:"President, tonight to you very key, you have to use this time remember before and madam a little bit contiguous intravenous drop drop, the sorting presentable piece reads for me, so drink can wait until tomorrow then saying isn't late.Besides I is the person whom an is responsible for the student, want to have a class tomorrow, concerning teaching plan handout, I also need plenty of time, must not serve as what funnel."
"Ha ha, that good, so!"To president, tonight destine is a sleepless night.
Liao learns a soldier to finish watching a television, the time is late, eat noodles, dawdle a short while, already till evening, left for to leave for Feng of invite.Sung jade Hao and grade two director's remaining settle buildings all at, several people exchange greeting a burst of, remaining settle the building first time see a subordinate new employee according to practice say some condition words, Sung jade Hao interrupts the official jargon of his a long statement very impatiently.Liao's learning a soldier is a Vinaceous Rosefinch street ground head snake, familiar road in the familiar door, sought a place that floods an ambiguous porn, the owner saw him amiable manner and also called a few companies of girl with best feminine beauty in the stores.
Feng at first half yield, however see everyone's a hug those girls who doll up to talk that smiling is self-composed, also has to strong pack nature to put the hand to the hips positions of leaving a girl.
This party in addition to Liao learns a soldier, the everyone is dead drunk.
Old Liao has greatly and early and changed body clothes and kept shining on to the mirror and mutters in on the second day:"Or this body is suitable, fashionable medium take modesty, and then don't lose young vitality."Choose a tie to take up, comb good hair, spray thin 1 F hair spray, cautiously pare off a clean beard residue, the shoes wipes the thief is bright.Oneself in the mirror has a brand-new look, the cultivated refinement is hundred percent, where still have formerly that kind of is decadent and up the spout?Clear be one is good to learn to go forward cultured and polite youth.
Attended early a school very much, embraced a teaching handout again and again deliberation, "my section 1 lesson, exactly want to say with them what?Text is need not again carry on the back, meet both parties for the first time should good good understanding, let the children well understand me to lead their decision for resolving to succeed.……Like this seem great void Be getting more false?I want to order naturally as far as possible, can not allow them to see me am still a new hand."
The school is divided into three grades, the class is six classes annually, nearly 1,000 students.At noon rest can not arbitrarily school, can go home in the evening, the house lives leave far student in the school, can apply for to stop for the night at school in the evening, there is specialized dormitory building, dining room.In the morning total three lessons, the afternoon is three lessons, each lesson an hour, in the center take a rest for 15 minutes, formally there is still before the class Jian gymnastics, the student has to arrive top in the drill ground to concentrate to arrange a brigade form to do to hold.
Cautiously saw two years are two classes of course forms, section 1 was mathematics in the morning, section 2 is a language, and he still has an hour to prepare to work.
Equally the chitchat has a to greatly help morning the teacher who has no lesson in the office and play cards of play cards, smoke of smoke, drink drinking of tea tea.Everyone leisurely and carefree carriage, correct homework quickly quick Feng, see Sung jade Hao that the teaching plan reads ten lines at one glances, write remaining of document need not deliberation to settle building, make him stimulate very greatly.Probably, these time of demand of experience comes to backlog.Liao learns a soldier to turn but thinks again:"The inch has long, the Chinese foot has short, teach me not experienced, but make them collect a protection fee, they can accept come up?"
Section 2 has a class the bell finally ring out, old Liao's brain contains the blank in split second and soon resumed as usual:"Teach a to help the small fart Hai not worthwhile strain, much big condition have I never seen?And be the other sale members, pipe line work still not all similar to is a work?Say again, play power and prestige before more than 40 human faces, isn't a quite good affair?I am a teacher, they are students, strain of should be that they are just right."

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