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Exterior vs Interior Shutters
Over the years many people have switched from blinds and curtains to the more popular alternative, window shutters. There are numerous benefits that come with window shutters as they are efficient, effective and attractive whether placed inside or outside of your home. However, though they share similar characteristics, shutters have fairly significant differences that should be considered when deciding between interior or exterior window shutters.
Interior Window Shutters
Interior window shutters add a warm and elegant atmosphere that you notice when entering any room. The majority of interior shutters come with louvers which allow the shutters to be adjusted when desired. With the option to adjust the shutters they can be opened for air and light can come through whenever desired. Another feature of adjustable shutters is the privacy they bring while still letting light into the room. If adjusted at an angle, shutters can prevent outdoor visibility, yet allowing in air and natural light.
Besides the aesthetics and functionality, interior window shutters are also energy savers. Wooden interior shutters can efficiently maintain the temperature in the house regardless of the tempuratures outside. Windows themselves contribute, but wooden interior shutters provide double protection against the outdoor elements. When the temperature rises outside, closed shutters help trap the cool morning air inside. Likewise during the cold, they keep the warmth inside saving on electricity from heat or air condition. In addition to all the listed benefits, interior window shutters bring added value to a home once installed and can be a unique selling point in the future.
Exterior Window Shutters
Exterior window shutters can provide a classic Mediterranean look to the outside of any home. They are a great addition that can be viewed by anyone approaching your home. Besides their good looks, exterior window shutters have practical uses as well adding additional security on the windows. These are especially popular in places where natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes often take place because they provide extra protection for windows. They can be taken down and repainted as a weekend project and are fairly easy to maintain.
Much like interior shutters, exterior shutters can be used to keep the light out when closed or bring light in when opened. Both are efficient energy savers and can be adjusted as desired depending on the weather.
How Shutters are Made
When it comes to making custom window shutters and installation, we get many questions regarding the framework, panels and most commonly, ‘What are louvers?” With that said, it is high time we wrote a piece detailing how shutters are made and how they are installed, let us show you how we do things at French Brothers Custom Shutters.
First and foremost, always measure the window. Determine if a custom made frame will be needed and have a plan for the window shutters. The panel is the main part of the window shutter and is made from louvers – the blades that are kept together by rails on the top and bottom. The rails are connected to a stile on each side to make a rectangle enclosure surrounding the louvers to keep them in place with a metal strip. The strip allows the louvers to move uniformly allowing for a great view when opened. The whole window shutter is then hinged to the window jambs on each side of the window letting the shutters open completely. Window shutters can also be hung or installed on tracks which offer smooth and easy movement.
Once the shutters are prepared and are ready to be installed there are a couple different options depending on the window. If it already has an existing frame the window opening gets measured, styled, sized and the number of panels are chosen.
However, if the window does not have a frame then a special custom made joinery frame will be required and made to fit inside the window opening. Once this is done, the panels chosen will be designed perfectly to fit the new custom frame.
Shutters are made and installed so that they can open and close easily. There are multiple ways this can work depending on how the shutter will operate using one or two ways from the list below. For longer use, quality fittings are crucial and will keep your shutters efficient.
how to make shutters
At French Brothers Custom Shutters we offer an array of top quality products to meet your window shutter needs. From interior and exterior window shutters to custom closet doors, we specialize in making the absolute best product for our clients. To view the products used to build our window shutter visit our products page today.
Stance on Shutters: Blinds vs Shutters
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Many people don't know the difference between blinds and shutters, and the difference is simply a matter of preference. Interior window coverings can both enhance the beauty and functionality of your living space, making them a great home improvement choice. It can get complicated once the window coverings are to be chosen.
Blinds: Blinds can get somewhat confused with shutters, but they are actually quite different. A typical window blind is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal, which adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing the slats to overlap. The easiest way to distinguish a blind from a shutter is to look for strings. Blinds use strings to rotate the blade and pull the blind up or down, whereas shutters have panels that swing open on hinges much like a door. They can be just as decorative as a shutter and come in a variety of different materials and styles, and are a more cost-effective option than shutters. Blinds are the perfect choice for budget friendly remodels, but will not last as long as shutters.
Shutters: Interior shutters usually hinge on either side of a window opening, and swing inward to allow access to the window or to allow light to enter a room. Operable louvered shutters have louvers, or slats, that rotate open or closed to control light, visibility and airflow. There are a number of different shutter types, materials and styles available, all designed to add a heightened level of architectural sophistication and attractiveness to the home. In general, shutters are more durable than drapes or blinds, and offer the best light and temperature control, as well. Shutters are an investment that will last for many years to come and also add value to the property.
Living in Luxury: Custom Closet Style Basics
5 78 zoomed beautiful clost doorsLiving in luxury is no easy feat to accomplish. Decorating your home with small touches of elegance can give the feel of luxury without the price.
Wrap your home in elegance with a custom closet, and benefit from getting everything you need out of your closet. Fitting everything in and creating a clutter will no longer be a problem with a custom closet suited to fit all your space needs.
Each closet will be different and maybe used for other purposes. With this in mind, deciding your “needs” is extremely important and will get the most out of each closet. Whether it is for a kids bedroom, a master his and her closet or a storage closet, it should be designed to make your life simpler. Choosing a custom closet style allows you the options necessary to make your closet awesome.
A popular style choice is a boutique styled closet that accommodate nearly all of the needs for most people offering elegance along with space, organization, mirrors, plenty of hanging space, drawers and even a personal beauty section. These custom closets are popular for their space, and lavish feel of having your closet feel like a separate room.
Many people don't have the space to add in even more space for a custom closet, so a great alternative is an island style closet which contains more storage for clothes, shoes or whatever else needed while not taking up a ton of space. It also gives you the space on top of it and decorate or use for anything you need.
With all of the options available these day for custom closets, it is wise to make a list of your “needs” and make sure that each of them is checked off when you make the final decision for your custom closet. There are unlimited resources online that can assist you when getting started and make your closet experience fun.

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