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The earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Oh no! It should be called water polo! There is no oxygen, no suitable temperature, and nothing more. Then something started to think, and they were asking themselves not to breathe, and why they couldn't move? Over time, they seem to be moving! Since then the water polo has been alive. They turned into simple cells [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Newport 100S[/url], wandering in the hot sea, without a fixed place, without knowing cells. Some cells thought: I'm going to look over there [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], only to find that I can only follow the water. As a result, the scenery at that end became more mysterious and beautiful. Some other cells thought: I don't want to wander around like this anymore, I want to find a place to live. Tens of thousands of years have passed, and the cells in the front have become the most primitive animals, and the cells in the back have grown roots, stuck in the soil, and turned into plants. For a long time, the original animals are primitive, simple The animals are also simple. Later, the seawater began to evaporate. Some animals wanted to go to the place called land, so they became terrestrial animals. There are also some animals who want to go ashore, but they can't bear the sea, they become amphibians. And those animals that dare not go ashore to look at [url=buyusacigarettes.com]Marlboro Red[/url], can only become fish. The land area is getting larger and larger, and there are more and more terrestrial organisms. Later, trees grew on the land. Some animals climbed into the tree m and became monkeys. Some animals were afraid of being trampled to death, so they got into the earth and became earthworms. The monkeys wanted to find a more beautiful place with more food, so they went farther and started to use some tools and became human. Some of those people wanted to manage, so they became patriarchs. Some wanted to rule, so they became emperors! Why was everyone a cell hundreds of millions of years ago, but today has become such a prosperous scene? It's thought, yes, absolutely thought! It is those thoughtful things that make life. Creatures without thoughts lose their goals and lose their strength. The reason why the plant is a plant, because he lost his mind, only dare to survive. The reason why the fish can't go to shore is because he dare not have other thoughts, so he can only soak in the water for a lifetime. Maybe, he will accidentally become a fish soup now. Those who work hard day and night, their mind is to go to university, so they will one day walk into university. Those who clamor for college entrance exams all the time, but do not put in effort, they will become travelers, go to a university entrance, take a picture. And those who sleep in class all day, wake up and go to the canteen to find food. Hey, you will go to Australia in the future to be a koala
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