Refuse.Again is greeting.Want to be deeply some.Going deep into again is some

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River Yan is purple to suddenly feel a bit embarrassed, the ground of Shan Shan the waist that is loose to open a leaf for autumn, embarrassedly say:
"It is sorry.I always an always a carelessly stir up you."
"I am understand."The autumn of the leaf says.
"You aren't understand."River Yan is purple to shake head.
"I am understand."The autumn of the leaf is stubborn of say.
2 people sink of is uncanny and ambiguous towards seeing, calmness in the room pole, atmosphere.
"The autumn of the leaf."The river Yan purple light tone shouts a way.
The autumn of the leaf has no in response to her and suddenly stretches out hands, a hugged into her a bosom, then madness of hug her to embrace each other.
Imitate a Buddha river Yan is purple the intense emotion for precipitating deep place of body be for an instant sparked in several years, the Jiao breathes heavily and groan x to run out whole body all energies embrace a leaf autumn.
There is no bar, the tongue of leaf autumn offends into her to still take the mouth cavity of having the tobacco flavor inside.River Yan purple head the inside is like suddenly of explosion, the tongue allowing a leaf for autumn hangs up x to absorb x suck, tie up her lilac small tongue.
After waiting until to adapt to attack rhythm of leaf autumn, river Yan's purple tongue also the beginning slowly waked up.Have kind learn kind of seduce a tongue of leaf autumn, although the action is still very crude.
The leaf autumn is some no time for waitings, start stretching hand to solve the small western dress coat on her body.Lips also start next move, from her the eyebrow x nose wing x Bo neck, until chest.
The small western dress coat of only a button is very quick drive leaf the autumn relieved, the leaf autumn started an again of solve her button of white underclothing.
"The autumn of the leaf.The autumn of the leaf a"river Yan is purple to embrace a leaf of the head in autumn, dead dead of dynasty she naked of breadth of view inside according to go.
Refuse.Again is greeting.Want to be deeply some.Going deep into again is some.
Because at this time leaf autumn the real person body Be tiny to squat down, just at purple slippery delicate river Yan as before the skin of snow up kiss.Get down all the way, until at she such as joss-stick the soft breasts of the pear sort stop over not to walk.
Plump x the outstanding x top is pink.A rightness of meats pigeons unexpectedly such as place son Chu son.
Ye Qiu knows her body is unbearable this seducing of degree, loosen to open that like grape size, of meat grain.Right hand fall touches to the button of her short skirt.
River Yan is purple a catch a leaf for autumn of hand, the seductive eyes is like silk, the voice lightly and infirmly says"leaf autumn.Don't want to be good here?It is an office here."
Only she knows, what oneself endured patiently is how hard.
The autumn of the leaf lowered the head to see one eye he or she's next body, one face wry smile.
Last night and blue can the heart how many times tie up Mian, physical strength should exhaustion just right.Unexpectedly today again like this mightiness of desire.Be showed from this, the river Yan purple magic power is very big.
"It is all right."The autumn of the leaf is loose to open river Yan purple, helplessly nod.
Somebody else would not like to, does oneself's wanting to be strong come to don't become?Words like that, and rape have what differentiation?
See a leaf the facial expression of regret for autumn, river Yan is purple to hesitate in a short while"the small voice say:"Meeting someone comes in.You guard a gate to lock up."
"What?"Leaf autumn face ascend a pleased.Then just suddenly realize.Run the side of door in quick time office door to anti- lock up.
The button that unties short skirt, river Yan is purple to sit on the table to lift a bottom, then the leaf autumn can give° it to pick.
The inside is the pants in a black, two legs tightly clip together and extrude a mysterious Lin Mi of airtight sew.
In the leaf autumn use some son pretty under the circumstance of dint, just hard difficultly give° her pants to pick.Don't do, method, her two legs clipping really was too tight.
When leaf the autumn is quick of heel rabbit pick the clothes on the body, take off their oneselfs also a ground of completely naked, 2 people then became open heart to mutually treat of situation.
"The autumn of the leaf.Come in."River Yan is purple to know it's unavoidable, simply match with very much of separated legs.

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