The whole body bone is each to become itchy

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Match with breath to vomit Na, the vertebrate of Teng green mountain as if a big dragon but rise Teng, but incubate, ten pressures of acceptances, through a successively joints, quickly deliver a shoulder department is to the vertebrate bone, but the pressure that that feet are subjected to, same a successively deliver into vertebrate position.
Strength but deliver a double from 10 feet, but the feet deliver to 10 from the double.
That vertebrate is the whole individual's main stem.
The breath vomits Na and arouses the peristalsis of viscera, inside the operation of strength, then turn worse this kind of sport.Even in also enlarge the pressure to the joints, incitement!Breathe every time, every time inside strength operation, every time strength the dint deliver and all match with perfect don't lack.After all the Teng green mountain has already had experience.
"Shout, shout~~"
The whole body joints very and soon delivers tremor and sends out a burst of deep and low and loud and clear stertor and lies prone to go to bed over there just like a head of tiger.
The whole body bone is each to become itchy.
Is sour!
The muscle is each to gradually deliver sour.
Is at ease!
From inside but outside, the viscera, spirit blood moves, physique, skin film muscle, all at take place extremely small variety.
Cell, muscle fibers of physique are all sharply changing at this kind of, absorb a strength inside the most rarely seen 1:00.Can the body Be each to absorb very and rarely seenly inside the strength.While all absorbing all over, come together, each time a moment, the whole body consumes of inside strength, that is a very astonishing number.
"Chi, Chi Chi~~"
Only a short moment, the Teng green mountain body form hot air steams Teng, such as mist similar hot air, Teng green mountain whole body the voice of the physique, add more deep and low.
"It is unimaginable."The Teng green mountain obviously feels to bodily and sharply change and doesn't already marvel, " my body character, than previous incarnation peak period, want to be strong up the number decuple lead a hundredfold.This displays 《tiger form magical power 》 to display one down each time, time also wants to be many short.This each time is getting shorter, this effect unexpectedly promotes so many!"
Previous incarnation, the Teng green mountain of peak period, the ability raises 10000 catties.
The person's extreme limit to know, be can raise 10,000 catties of of time, you make him raise 1,000 more again, that is all difficult if ascend heaven.This extreme limit more and upwards raises, more difficult.
But present Teng green mountain, the dint raises extreme limit, has more than 100,000 catties.The real strenght certainly wants than the previous incarnation strong lead to count decuple, a hundredfold.At present simple one punch, can batter to death previous incarnation whichever respected master.This is the strength Be strong to arrive the performance of extreme achievement.And the body physique Be also strong to arrive unimaginable situation.
The time that displays 《tiger form magical power 》 , physique, breath, inside Fu control, also more rapid.
Display down to the forging process of body one every time, consume time also short of many.
Seem to run, the jogging runs up 10,000 meters, many people can insist down, but let he run up 10,000 meters with 100 meters extreme limit speed, perhaps still in a little while, the leg department is sour of have no the dint fell on the ground.
The Teng green mountain of previous incarnation displays 《tiger form magical power 》 , for a long time, demand's that whole body's forging then process can finish carrying on 1.But now, the speed wants to be quick not only over the decuple, this kind of sharply of speed, first time, let the violent body of Teng green mountain feel pressure, the bone becomes itchy, the muscle delivers sour ……
In this kind of variety, the body sharply consumes energy, is also absorb inside the strength!
"Not Kui is inside the going to of house boxing Gao incomparable skill!Only all over the blood vessels is all lucid, incomparable skill then can cultivate, is really unimaginable."Even if the previous incarnation once feels tiger form magical power of effect, can at the moment, the Teng green mountain still keeps doing not already marvel, " consumes also astonishing is the ages that increases in this world spiritual influence inside the strength, luckily, inside my body inside strength also enough many."
This progress speed, compare just developed, the best training stage, progress the speed still have to be astonishing.
However 《tiger form magical power 》 displays a condition, too the Ke engraved.

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