Chapter 38 bluish green cold pond bottom

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"However ……I still have a matter now!"
The Teng green mountain smiled, "six years, that bluish green cold pond it has been six years since I cut and polished and sneak in once monthly, can all have no at a time throughout.This time, should about."Face upward to visit a sky, the color of the sky has been dark, " tomorrow, tomorrow in early morning enter mountain, again explore that bluish green cold pond bottom!"

Chapter 38 bluish green cold pond bottom
The second day morning, in the whole world the one is dusk.
"Bomb Long Long~~~" thunder bellows, unclearly have piecemeal of raindrop downfall.
"The green mountain sees this weather, have to have heavy rain.You didn't enter a mountain bitterness to do this morning."The mother Yuan orchid wears a very big quilted jacket and comes out an inside house.
"The Niang is free, this rain is nothing.H'm, I climbed mountain first."The Teng green mountain started to grasp that pole Bin iron gun to walk to go out.
"Come back to have breakfast earlier."The mother Yuan orchid shouted 1.
"Know." Hospital door, the Teng green mountain soon then leave Chuang in the Teng house and ascended to greatly postpone mountain.
Teng green mountain the whole personalization makes an unreal image and wears a line at this.The time that leaves Chuang in the Teng house, the sky only has piecemeal raindrop downfall, after canning wait until a Teng green mountain into to greatly postpone mountain, along with a thunder, this rain a while suddenly and violently fierce, in the whole world that is that one water is boundless.
Moment, the Teng green mountain is sprinkled dripping wet, soak through all over.
"It is really enough unlucky."Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly.
The body is sprinkled by rain, this pouring is a small matter.And come out his bosom pocket to also have no thing in the morning, Teng green mountain not afraid rain sprinkle, but ……this for a while rain, sneak in the plan of bluish green cold pond some troublesome.
"No matter how it is, settle next today incubate a bluish green cold pond, is today."
The Teng green mountain fast disease wears to go and in a short while and then arrives at a pair of heads mountains, this mountain wall to him like the straightaway, that dismantles to unload into two long guns to put at the back, the Teng green mountain hands double feet counteract and in a short while was summit of hill.Later on direct from once the summit of hill jump but descend, hands but clap the mountain stone of shot along the road, decelerate speed.
"This freezes, also really quick."The Teng green mountain falls at halfway up a hill, bluish green cold pond two vacant lands out of the Zhang of side up, the wry smile looking at a bluish green cold pond.
Sees bluish green cold pond surface have been already condensed very thick 1 F hard ice.
"This, must have thick 30 cmses most at least.This just descend much and greatly and in a short while?"The Teng green mountain is very helpless, pond water in the bluish green cold pond is very special, the density wants than common water a lot of high, is very all doing not freeze under the low temperature circumstance.But whenever the time rained is rain water and this bluish green cold water in the pond pond contact.
The rain water will quickly freeze!
Just rain in a short while, freeze and then have one Chinese foot 2 inches Be getting thicker.
However the Teng green mountain also knows, rain even if is continuously next, this freezes, also at most attain two Chinese foots thick.
"I this clothes all drenching, descend a deep pond that today, have no necessity the undressing took."The Teng green mountain will carry on the back up of the Bin iron gun package throw to one side and at will start to embrace a piece of big rock from a side, on jumping but rising, the whole individual steadily falls on this hard ice.Trample this hard ice, the Teng green mountain can also feel a burst of algidity.
Teng green mountain fiercely a stamp foot!
Imitate Buddha world to collapse, that foot has one Chinese foot two inch the thick hard ice be musted crack to collapse to open by the Deng a while, the dynasty collapses to fly to open indiscriminately on all sides to, many ground crack ice-cubes bump shot beside of mountain wall up, deep-fried become ground powder.
"I don't believe and return Qian this time the department is not and exactly."The Teng green mountain embraces to lead 100 catties of heavy big rocks and hurtled into a bluish green cold pond.
That is good enough to the low temperature that the ordinary people starve with cold, but the Teng green mountain only wears a single dress, but easily resists.
"Hua Hua~~"
Continuously of next sink, arouse the fluxion of pond water.

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