Also show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face

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Chapter 38 orderanies!
Various Ge green and green rain goes out, inside the courtyard leaves Teng green mountain their 3 people.
"June 12, will recruit New appointee, so in a couple of days, will definitely eight weakest 100 mens grew, green tiger eldest brother, I but really worry you."The various Ge cloud Ye Yu says with smile, Teng green tiger but is that the self-confidence is hundred percent, " little Zong Zhu , in a couple of days, has a competition a beginning, you looking at be!"
"?"Various Ge cloud in astonishment turns a head to see toward Teng green mountain.
Also show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
The cousin's real strenght, oneself most clear, can not win 100 men long medium of raise Chu, but medium upper level time, also certain.
Next day, black A soldier inner part 100 man long, five long of all started a round having a competition, a field superior had a competition and let field jollification in school very.But Teng the green tiger is a five long advance to 100 men long, naturally have a lot of 100 men long think that he is a soft persimmon.
So, have a competition in the beginning, challenged a Teng green tiger for someone.
Can Teng green tiger one breath with borrow'fire up sprinkle oil''take Li in the fire'this is cruelty a cunning two recruit, very simply of connecting and winning three 100 men long, immediately those 100 men long understand, this Teng the green tiger isn't easy to handle.
The evening of summer is a hot and dry very much.
Remain an inherit hoping of black tunic that the Hong arrived at to believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'of in addition to den, just walked to doorway, then spread inside the den voice:"Two teacher uncle, come in."
Push door into.
The various Ge dollar Hong is taking a piece of paper to looking at.
"Believe in a lord, do you so urgently seek me and have what matter?"Hope a Hong inquiry way.
Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile:"I that good friend'Zhu Tong'of nine sons, please me an affair."
"Zhu Tong, our god of wealth of Yang state?"Hope that the Hong is a bit shocked.This Yang state salt company and Yu state businessmen are the famous.But if say, numerous in the last years worlds which businessman's reputation biggest, that is undoubtedly more than 3,000 year agos, billionaire's number one in the world of'Fan Li'god of wealth Fan!
Certainly Fan Li early died.
But at present this is most famously and undoubtedly a Yang state salt company one person'Zhu Tong', if say that Zhu Tong exactly has how much , estimate to have no several individuals say know.
Zhu Tong's father, can be regarded as a huckster.But Zhu Tong at the age of 10, open to have'Feng sun wine shop', only three years, the Feng sun wine shop almost spreads all over the whole Yang state and earns a great deal of money for him.With lend this foundation, Zhu Tong starts gradually seeping into each profession.
Zhu Tong works a rules.
Step by step come, does a profession just every time, in time of a profession in after succeeding, would get into new profession.
Are past for 60 years, this kid owned endless patrimony.
Most darned of is ……
This kid, be rated as'god of wealth'of guy, I am still an inborn strong.At expend a great deal of energy at go into business at the same time, can also become a strong inborn, even various Ge dollar the Hong is also to don't already praise highly and don't already admire!
This adoration'Zhu Tong'of the person is too many.
"Zhu Tong's old house is the sphere of influence in green lake island.What affair, his son, don't invite green island help in the lake, on the contrary invite us help?"Hope a Hong doubt way.
Face this be rated as'world first merchant prince' of Zhu Tong, be return a dollar religion, must also formally treat.
"Ha ha, this god of wealth, he goes into business the last natural endowments, on the history, afraid also have no several people can compare with it, can own endless money, he is helpless!"The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " he has 16 sons!The daughter marries to the outside to go just and stuck some trousseaus to go, can the son was difficult to do.He is the extremely clever that does Lao Tze, 16 sons, each all very get, Zhu Tong is that endless property and how divide?Each ones all want to contend for lord in the house that is Zhu Jia!"
Hope the Hong immediately smiled:"Divide inheritance to produce?Ha ha ……interesting!Big of religious sect, have already battled out to believe in a lord, his Zhu Jia, also have the house the lord it contends for!"
A big household, affirmation only a son inherits a seat of host to place, once inheritting a seat of host to place, that almost owns great majority property.
But other sons, can divide seldom at 1:00.

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