Inborn falsely the Dan is extremely generally state

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"Let him escape!"Deng Geng annoys of one belly fury, the double eyes flush unclearly, " nine state dings!Almost is a hand!!!"Iron dress door hard more than 1,000 years, how much hardships?And, this small Ding is under his eyelid ever, but Deng Geng didn't care, waited to see black iron treasure diagram and just realized that the small Ding is special.
When he wants to take ……the small Ding was taken away by the other people!
Everything all late!
Is empty to get black iron treasure diagram, but can not get the Yu emperor's treasure to hide, say very clearly on that treasure diagram'hard rush to then is certain to die'.
"……" Deng Geng roars a , the silver scale in hand sword splits toward the surroundings crazily.
The mountain stone cracks, surroundings one big cluster of big tree bombs however tumbles down, Deng Geng's complexion ferocious rant write:"Door lord in eagle door in the sky, I must will you ground corpse 10000!"The growl resounds in the wild forest and frighten many fierce beasts snakes run about aimlessly.

Chapter 25 not at?
One utter darkness, dark of wild forest in.
A remnants copies fast disease ground to shuttle but leads, the occasionally poisonous snake, fierce beasts desire wants to assault this to be cripple shadow, the whole amount is killed.
Hear the exasperation growl that the distance spreads'door lord in eagle door in the sky, I must will you ground corpse 10000!', The Teng green mountain chuckles 1:"Door lord in eagle door in the sky?You have skill, first on these nine state the earths, find out an eagle door for a day."'Eagle door in the sky'just the Teng green mountain freely fabricates.
As for whether really have, don't know, at least, oneself has never heard.
If really have, if iron dress door seeks in the past, could calculate that be getting more unlucky.
"This'forget my state', not the Kui is the strongest combat status, the ability develops the space, oneself real strenght to a highest point, just a war, the times time were all had first a hand by the other party!Straightly rush to escape luckily, didn't relate to with state."Recollection just one war, the Teng green mountain doesn't already praise highly.
Divide according to the state.
Inborn falsely the Dan is extremely generally state.
Inborn solid Dan, BE'forget my state'or BE'true my state'.
Inborn gold Dan, would be to return to original nature!
If say'forget my state'and'true my state', is the strongest combat consciousness.
That'return to original nature', compare it, many 1:00-can wait disappearance the air resistance!
Be like inborn strong s, every act and move, the mountain stone cracks.A sword stabs, the air resistance is very astonishing, the speed is more quick, and this air resistance is more big!Even if'forget my state'and'true my state', also is not likely to get rid of air resistance.
Inborn gold Dan strong ability!
One sword that is same, same of inborn true dollar.Once without air resistance, probably will ascend quickly 2300%.Is quick ascend 2300%, is what concept?A shot necessarily kills!
Because inborn gold Dan the strong , on recruiting one type, don't arouse spirit's exploding a voice and also have no strong breeze to roar and shout etc., seem to be very common.So, be called it as'return to original nature'state!At the beginning, the various Ge dollar Hong accepts the Teng green mountain as pupil, means display, would be this'return to original nature'of means!
Teng green mountain is also read 《You month gun Dian 》 , just know this.
"According to 《 You month gun Dian 》 say, only the state promotes, person of'absolute being'just can transmute, transmute of'absolute being', the inborn of the fusion true dollar, the inborn true dollar would transmute!Now, I need realization'true my state'."The Teng green mountain doesn't think self-discipline'forget my state', once forgetting me, fight all regardless of oneself's severely wounded.
And, the self-discipline forgets me, in the future can hardly step into an inborn gold Dan.In fact many strongs, don't think self-discipline as well'forget my state', what then'true my state'too difficult, can look for the second best, the self-discipline difficulty is low'forget my state'.
The Teng green mountain didn't take a rest this night, but flew to soon walk faster and killed a fierce beasts snake innumerable all the way, the second day evening just took a rest for a night and treated third sky noon, and the Teng green mountain was a wild edge.

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