Hope Hong not from embarrassed

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Can those sons, can contentedly have how many?The person's greed is very terrible.Even if say not to be greedy for on the mouth, the in the mind has how many put hundred million patrimony, don't care?
"Believe in a lord, that kid but inborn strong, life span long of very, return need not be worried about these."Hope the Hong says.
"The person has no forethought and necessarily has immediate worries!And, this god of wealth, had no interest towards earning silver, he preparation whole body heart research Wu Dao, so, he must choose one to inherit a person."Hope the Hong says, " is 16 of his sons, each all very intelligent.That kid settles descend rules, give their son a silver, ten years, who decade after, earn at most, who is a lord!"
Hope the Hong chuckles a way:"This way is pretty stupid, that kid, not afraid have some religious sects, participate lord in the house of his house it contend for, secretly support a certain son?"
"Is stupid?A god of wealth that is 10 years old and then can earn 1,000,002 silvers is stupid, the world can have no an intelligent person."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.
Hope Hong not from embarrassed.
Really, world who dare to say Zhu Tong Chun?Is somebody else, Zhu Tong, to really do a stupid matter, affirmation will someone say, Zhu Tong does this affair to have a deep idea, isn't what ordinary people can understand.
"His nine sons, please believe in a lord you stem what?"Hope a Hong doubt way.
"He invites me and sends some superior and protects a goods for him!"The various Ge dollar Hong says, " gift of groom's family 100,002 silvers!"
This price please return a dollar superior religion, don't calculate Gao.
"Believe in a lord, do you promise or not?"Hope a Hong inquiry way.
The various Ge dollar Hong point nods:"I visited that kid and once saw 16 of his sons in those early years, all of each were malicious roles.His nine sons, the popularity is better, one to look like careless generous youth, can actually scheming ……very deep.I have a felling, Zhu Jia future lord in the house, should be big son in Zhu Tong, nine sons and those 133 sons."
Various Ge dollar the intelligence of the Hong, on nine state the earths who don't know?
"Helping him is a , also have no bad place to us."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile, " a few days ago of 100 men Be long to have a competition, you saw?"
"H'm, see."Hope the Hong nods.
"See the cousin of that Teng green mountain'Teng green tiger'of marksmanship?"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
"H'm?Teng in"hope Hong some surprise, " green tiger, badly have two to recruit, a recruit wild malicious hot, another a recruit uncanny cunning, how?However that marksmanship, I return a dollar religion to seem to have no."
"I remind you one more, I once gave Teng green mountain a《 very hot fire gun Jue 》."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
"《 Very hot fire gun Jue 》 gives a Teng green mountain?That 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 I once saw as well and had 99811 to recruit, the power was general."Hope there is some hesitations in the Hong, immediately eyes a bright, "believe in a lord, you are to say his Teng green mountain, that gun Jue ……"
The various Ge dollar Hong nods:"《 Very hot fire gun Jue 》 is each on recruiting power generally, can Teng green tiger those two recruit, I make sure, the fusion creation comes out from 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 !However, the that Teng green tiger real strenght is general, learns two to recruit.I estimate that that Teng green mountain oneself, comprehends 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 fusion, create the marksmanship of , should be not only two recruit.And that recruit type power, should display than the Teng green tiger of larger!"
Various Ge dollar the Hong vision is cruelty, see those 100 men long to have a competition, the Teng green tiger displays of move, figure out come.
"This, fusion 《 very hot fire gun Jue 》, create more severe marksmanship again?And, short few months time, this ……"hope that the Hong shakes head wry smile, " I still keep daring not believing, Teng green mountain he attained this layer!"
"Two teacher uncle."Various Ge dollar Hong openings way.
Hope a Hong tiny Gong body.
"This time, for that nine young masters'Zhu Chong Shi'the protection deliver goods of affair, hand over to a Teng green mountain!Letting him choosing two 100 men again is long, and black A soldier of two pay 10 people squad!"Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile, " is 100,002 silvers, I send a Teng green mountain to lead person's horse, and that nine young masters at last earned."
"That nine young masters, I will summon in the past, let him took early in the morning the day after tomorrow person at we the black A soldier army camp north front door wait."The various Ge dollar Hong adds a way again.
"BE."Hope the Hong receives orders and hopes that the Hong left at once den very much.

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