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Is anxious to interrupted tail to present arms with an upward exposure, but action in time attains a half, that person's one feet stepped down, listenned to the Mao pull a frailty to ring, the elbow joint breaks and break bone Chi flesh, acute pain without can resist.That person follows the top of head to him and is one feet, just wanted to call pain ground mouth and strong and tough ground of brick intimacy kiss, the whole face becomes stiller neat and very smooth and slippery than mirror noodles.
"Grasp down stairs first to wait for a processing."Liao learns a soldier order south younger brother, see Su of the dither of the Se Se in the room flying Hong."Su flies the Hong classmate, sorry, the teacher underrated them, I promised to can't take place again next time a matter like this, you are all right?, The clothes are torn open, he has already chased how are you?"
Su flies Hong to for a long time just resume to come over and sees arrive to make teacher Liao whom oneself feels to have peace of mind stand on the in front most and holds ups the part of nudity, the low voice says:"Thank teacher, I am all right, be the Mom and Dad still are held tight by them."
Liao learned a soldier to take off coat to cover with for her and say:"You trust, your parents in the next door, I have already let people's extrication come.Is pure is an accident this time, next time can't again someone came to harass you."
"Teacher, you are indeed as expected the eldest brother of underworld, close Mu cloud to say right."Su flies Hong to grasp his strongly the arm slowly stand up and consider in addition ascend 1:"Teacher, your wife kids are all killed by the bad person, poor soul, joining the underworld is to have already had no alternative real intentions to."
"Don't ask more, tomorrow I then explain well with you.The younger brother of the south, you send them to leave in person, choose a place of safety, purple wood Feng road originally of the villa don't return to first."
South younger brother's stretching a head to see is a beautiful looks girl, is not flown by horizontal saliva, say with smile:"Eldest brother, our hooligan is the whole world to is house, majority of time all stay overnight in the bar, the apartment outside renting is like a kennel, which can live a person, rather and first the tower opens a room to settle down them in cloud, I also every day at in guard, wait affair to quell down again intend."
Hold, let you guard?Not just send to sheep to go into dangerous spot, your boy isn't custodian turned thief just strange.Old Liao determinedly different idea:"Send my house first, safe there."Wishing Su to fly Hong financial situation is so miserably thin, get along with to return to calculate at ordinary times the good classmate resides temporarily in the home, small and blue fall can't definitely oppose, the shell Xiao Dan lived how many days last time, is she to don't also say what?
"It is all right."South the younger brother call arrive to later on of the member of the hooligan, let them give relief to round husband and wife of Su to another building, oneself then turns over hair to the back of the sum and does a natural and unrestrained carriage, is an attentive smiling face on the face:"This classmate, you must be teacher Liao's student?Call what name, many this year big?Don't be nervous, the elder brother will protect yours well, those bad persons don't dare to come again to humiliate you."
"The younger brother of the south, the executive officer doesn't have to be so frivolous and seriously order.Su flies Hong, you first was kicked by the donkey with this brain of the person live at my house how many days good?The month in alongside the sea road end absolute being mountain, have car to connect to send to go to school in the morning, if don't adapt to, can ask for leave first a good for several days good rest.Your father is ordered wound, there is at the right moment doctor in my home, need not went to a hospital."
Su flies Hong body tightly the Long enter teacher Liao's coat inside and make an effort point to nod, don't dare to see more rascal annoy hundred percent southern younger brother's one eye and urgently tread to hurtle to next door of room, see parents miserably condition, exclaim not only.
Liao learns a soldier not to realize the family reunion of their family, the slowness treads next 12 stairs.Red bean Chinese fir company those ferociously collect debt what personnel ran to run and escape of escape, run not to drop to still have more than ten individuals, all be beaten be scared out of wits, narrow No.61 an alley is all over the place bloody, people in the distance resides the electric light of window way to beat bright, stretch out a head to outwardly see, hurriedly put out the light to go to bed again.

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