The speed is really too quick

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Liao learned a soldier to keep off Su to fly Hong at this time would fury Qing the Xie come out, hideous smile way:"Intention sexually harasses the weak quality that a hand has no inch iron female, your his mama of still really do.See to your eldest brother Lin Yu also not is what good bird.Hear he incredibly a forcible rape young girl not guilty releases of the childe killed, I see also have another hidden facts among them, perhaps 2 people early have grudge and at the right moment bump positive that opportune moment while starting, the Qiao unfortunately wins good fame for oneself."
Break tail heart to know adoration already a long time of the eldest brother can't save himself/herself any further at this time and entreat a way:"Put me a way out, I, we red bean Chinese fir all with interest don't……"
Liao learns a soldier to pick up Xu Hao Di of the rope set beat a fast knot in breaking tail body, another a carry in the car tail of time to bind steady, say:"Do not need what useless talk, violated hooligan's eldest brother and then have to be subjected to punishment.After waiteding I to drive you the ability cook must lead, our gratitude and grudges were all cancelled, if cook however, was or so is also a dead word, die like this probably also very great."
Break tail to listen to he unexpectedly wants living open a motorcycle to drag along to kill himself/herself, see the war of car of ax super strong motor, power not know have much big, not from scare to death, in the mind Wu from saved a front line hope, called a way:"Cook, cook how long?"
"The fuel tank still has approximately ten to rise gasoline and burn away.Salesman, this time that time light, we want don't wager one wager, can seeing fly a kite him?"Fly a kite is a kind of method that the motorcycle drags along a person, the speed arrives a situation, current of air balance, the person who will let be dragged along floats, this topic hooligan studied for a long time and still had no success to lead.
Xu Hao is full of expectation, "my wager can put!Escort 1,000 pieces."
Drag along 1 kilometer and then can make people die, besides is burn away can run several 100 kilometers of ten rise gasoline?Perhaps arrive a behind don't even remain bones.Break tail greatly urgently, struggle a station to rise, moment, "time" has been already launched.
He just in time acrosses a half to tread, a hugely pull dint to spread through a rope, in a flash scene creation of explosion strength almost the Lei break chest, immediately after body beyond control balance but dump, violent friction ground, only 23 meters are then little a piece of meat.
From fly high a mansion to the entrance to alley 200 meters distance, pull up together and straightly the blood scar of form, the more than ten hooligans party Tu unrestrainedly follows behind to shout loudly big Rang:"Fly!Fly!Fly!"The time speed is too quick, a short moment's then jilting them is after brain.
Wait until to turn a corner place, Liao learns a soldier on pulling cart a head and makes use of to tilt to one side carriage to offset to leave mental exertion, the speed the slightest didn't reduce and broke big body of tail promise to keep jilting.A short moment he returned a way to really fly by himself/herself, wanted that being flown a kite to pour is also quite good, can't ast least pare off to wipe a ground to suffer from injury.But only 0.1, heavily fall ground once again, bump the garbage box of wayside, the bone almost spreads.
The time nowise stops over, really such as lead the Ju of Xi, flit.Break tail brain in numerous mind crazy turn, the end concentrates on a painful word, the time body is painful, powerless, don't know to descend a body to have to be dubbed out as well, also at not at?He doesn't dare to see as well, understands to try very hard to pull and drag a rope.The speed is really too quick, the cold breeze mows a skin, eyes basically can not open, after ancient plain black railroad light of green 74th Long Jie shape pole, pain feeling suddenly disappear, breaking the tail has already fainted.
Old Liao parks the car to cut off a rope, vomited one mouthful spittle and scolded a way:"Hold your mama of, even the half streets all support however, dare also the scholar declare four greatest gold just, detained hostage?Now is 3:00 A.M., the air temperature 4 degrees below freezing point, if you can the cook is bright till sky, even if the life is big."Jump up car to continue dynasty Xuan Wu Jie recover from illness a hospital to set out.Is a to in great quantities lose blood, the clothes are dubbed out of person at cold the crest be absolutely a to all night is a myth at the mid-night, old Liao this action equals to declare his death penalty.

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