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  • The speed is really too quickDatum22.09.2023 05:04
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Allgemein

    Liao learned a soldier to keep off Su to fly Hong at this time would fury Qing the Xie come out, hideous smile way:"Intention sexually harasses the weak quality that a hand has no inch iron female, your his mama of still really do.See to your eldest brother Lin Yu also not is what good bird.Hear he incredibly a forcible rape young girl not guilty releases of the childe killed, I see also have another hidden facts among them, perhaps 2 people early have grudge and at the right moment bump positive that opportune moment while starting, the Qiao unfortunately wins good fame for oneself."
    Break tail heart to know adoration already a long time of the eldest brother can't save himself/herself any further at this time and entreat a way:"Put me a way out, I, we red bean Chinese fir all with interest don't……"
    Liao learns a soldier to pick up Xu Hao Di of the rope set beat a fast knot in breaking tail body, another a carry in the car tail of time to bind steady, say:"Do not need what useless talk, violated hooligan's eldest brother and then have to be subjected to punishment.After waiteding I to drive you the ability cook must lead, our gratitude and grudges were all cancelled, if cook however, was or so is also a dead word, die like this probably also very great."
    Break tail to listen to he unexpectedly wants living open a motorcycle to drag along to kill himself/herself, see the war of car of ax super strong motor, power not know have much big, not from scare to death, in the mind Wu from saved a front line hope, called a way:"Cook, cook how long?"
    "The fuel tank still has approximately ten to rise gasoline and burn away.Salesman, this time that time light, we want don't wager one wager, can seeing fly a kite him?"Fly a kite is a kind of method that the motorcycle drags along a person, the speed arrives a situation, current of air balance, the person who will let be dragged along floats, this topic hooligan studied for a long time and still had no success to lead.
    Xu Hao is full of expectation, "my wager can put!Escort 1,000 pieces."
    Drag along 1 kilometer and then can make people die, besides is burn away can run several 100 kilometers of ten rise gasoline?Perhaps arrive a behind don't even remain bones.Break tail greatly urgently, struggle a station to rise, moment, "time" has been already launched.
    He just in time acrosses a half to tread, a hugely pull dint to spread through a rope, in a flash scene creation of explosion strength almost the Lei break chest, immediately after body beyond control balance but dump, violent friction ground, only 23 meters are then little a piece of meat.
    From fly high a mansion to the entrance to alley 200 meters distance, pull up together and straightly the blood scar of form, the more than ten hooligans party Tu unrestrainedly follows behind to shout loudly big Rang:"Fly!Fly!Fly!"The time speed is too quick, a short moment's then jilting them is after brain.
    Wait until to turn a corner place, Liao learns a soldier on pulling cart a head and makes use of to tilt to one side carriage to offset to leave mental exertion, the speed the slightest didn't reduce and broke big body of tail promise to keep jilting.A short moment he returned a way to really fly by himself/herself, wanted that being flown a kite to pour is also quite good, can't ast least pare off to wipe a ground to suffer from injury.But only 0.1, heavily fall ground once again, bump the garbage box of wayside, the bone almost spreads.
    The time nowise stops over, really such as lead the Ju of Xi, flit.Break tail brain in numerous mind crazy turn, the end concentrates on a painful word, the time body is painful, powerless, don't know to descend a body to have to be dubbed out as well, also at not at?He doesn't dare to see as well, understands to try very hard to pull and drag a rope.The speed is really too quick, the cold breeze mows a skin, eyes basically can not open, after ancient plain black railroad light of green 74th Long Jie shape pole, pain feeling suddenly disappear, breaking the tail has already fainted.
    Old Liao parks the car to cut off a rope, vomited one mouthful spittle and scolded a way:"Hold your mama of, even the half streets all support however, dare also the scholar declare four greatest gold just, detained hostage?Now is 3:00 A.M., the air temperature 4 degrees below freezing point, if you can the cook is bright till sky, even if the life is big."Jump up car to continue dynasty Xuan Wu Jie recover from illness a hospital to set out.Is a to in great quantities lose blood, the clothes are dubbed out of person at cold the crest be absolutely a to all night is a myth at the mid-night, old Liao this action equals to declare his death penalty.

  • need not went to a hospitalDatum22.09.2023 04:59
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Allgemein

    Is anxious to interrupted tail to present arms with an upward exposure, but action in time attains a half, that person's one feet stepped down, listenned to the Mao pull a frailty to ring, the elbow joint breaks and break bone Chi flesh, acute pain without can resist.That person follows the top of head to him and is one feet, just wanted to call pain ground mouth and strong and tough ground of brick intimacy kiss, the whole face becomes stiller neat and very smooth and slippery than mirror noodles.
    "Grasp down stairs first to wait for a processing."Liao learns a soldier order south younger brother, see Su of the dither of the Se Se in the room flying Hong."Su flies the Hong classmate, sorry, the teacher underrated them, I promised to can't take place again next time a matter like this, you are all right?, The clothes are torn open, he has already chased how are you?"
    Su flies Hong to for a long time just resume to come over and sees arrive to make teacher Liao whom oneself feels to have peace of mind stand on the in front most and holds ups the part of nudity, the low voice says:"Thank teacher, I am all right, be the Mom and Dad still are held tight by them."
    Liao learned a soldier to take off coat to cover with for her and say:"You trust, your parents in the next door, I have already let people's extrication come.Is pure is an accident this time, next time can't again someone came to harass you."
    "Teacher, you are indeed as expected the eldest brother of underworld, close Mu cloud to say right."Su flies Hong to grasp his strongly the arm slowly stand up and consider in addition ascend 1:"Teacher, your wife kids are all killed by the bad person, poor soul, joining the underworld is to have already had no alternative real intentions to."
    "Don't ask more, tomorrow I then explain well with you.The younger brother of the south, you send them to leave in person, choose a place of safety, purple wood Feng road originally of the villa don't return to first."
    South younger brother's stretching a head to see is a beautiful looks girl, is not flown by horizontal saliva, say with smile:"Eldest brother, our hooligan is the whole world to is house, majority of time all stay overnight in the bar, the apartment outside renting is like a kennel, which can live a person, rather and first the tower opens a room to settle down them in cloud, I also every day at in guard, wait affair to quell down again intend."
    Hold, let you guard?Not just send to sheep to go into dangerous spot, your boy isn't custodian turned thief just strange.Old Liao determinedly different idea:"Send my house first, safe there."Wishing Su to fly Hong financial situation is so miserably thin, get along with to return to calculate at ordinary times the good classmate resides temporarily in the home, small and blue fall can't definitely oppose, the shell Xiao Dan lived how many days last time, is she to don't also say what?
    "It is all right."South the younger brother call arrive to later on of the member of the hooligan, let them give relief to round husband and wife of Su to another building, oneself then turns over hair to the back of the sum and does a natural and unrestrained carriage, is an attentive smiling face on the face:"This classmate, you must be teacher Liao's student?Call what name, many this year big?Don't be nervous, the elder brother will protect yours well, those bad persons don't dare to come again to humiliate you."
    "The younger brother of the south, the executive officer doesn't have to be so frivolous and seriously order.Su flies Hong, you first was kicked by the donkey with this brain of the person live at my house how many days good?The month in alongside the sea road end absolute being mountain, have car to connect to send to go to school in the morning, if don't adapt to, can ask for leave first a good for several days good rest.Your father is ordered wound, there is at the right moment doctor in my home, need not went to a hospital."
    Su flies Hong body tightly the Long enter teacher Liao's coat inside and make an effort point to nod, don't dare to see more rascal annoy hundred percent southern younger brother's one eye and urgently tread to hurtle to next door of room, see parents miserably condition, exclaim not only.
    Liao learns a soldier not to realize the family reunion of their family, the slowness treads next 12 stairs.Red bean Chinese fir company those ferociously collect debt what personnel ran to run and escape of escape, run not to drop to still have more than ten individuals, all be beaten be scared out of wits, narrow No.61 an alley is all over the place bloody, people in the distance resides the electric light of window way to beat bright, stretch out a head to outwardly see, hurriedly put out the light to go to bed again.

  • the door arouses to shoot butDatum22.09.2023 04:25
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Allgemein

    Break tail to listen to come to hand shouting of person, the smiling face is one Lian, copy to begin a gun, throw on a coat, stick out ear first to listen to an outside action, the gun muzzle points at Su to fly a Hong threat way:"Don't scream madly, otherwise killed you crafty corpse."Draw back body again after hiding in the wall room doorway, ask a way:"How many persons did the hooligan come?"Want again even if he comes to 100 and face us the material of this kind of thermodynamic power, can not also beg for well, still notify first the molar is strong to say again, in order to prevent be cooked by 1 pot.Is front and back however an hour, they can find out here right away and explain that the other party isn't that simple.
    Don't wait that younger brother message of reply, without telling anyone take out a telephone to stir a string of number:"Molar, your circumstance how, caution a point, doing not make the hooligan organic can take advantage o."
    A baritone with thick Hun says with smile:"Break tail, how are you, my Xing Zhu, currently at thousand Jia the agreeable company work."
    "You ……is Wu strong?"
    "He?He is repenting the past the sin that the previous incarnation commits, beg humbly the pardon of getting the spirit, however I think that the absolute being can't forgives his, either."
    Breaking tail heart to know is far from good, curse and scold a , immediately hang a telephone, drink a way:"How many persons did the hooligan actually come?They discover our movementses so quickly and return with thousand Jia the agreeable company collaborates with together, mama of, definitely have inside the ghost."
    However the younger brother of hall that report letter always don't talk, down stairs unclear gun voice later on would be to die kind of silent, break tail thwart pistol a jump but, the light in the hall is icy cold as before, a figure keeps rushing toward to come over.
    Break tail to get a shock, wrist a twist.It is about to open fire.But see this person impressively would be have been guarding in the outside, just came in the younger brother of reporting the letter, all of whole bodies are bloods, the flesh turned over to open, the clothes up and down all have already turned to make cloth, face distort, the bridge fell to sink, the skin of head came out Hua without one big piece of blood.Say much and miserably and have much and miserably, imitated a Buddha to just once encounter the eunuch of Qing Dynasty ten greatest tortures.Two eyes turn over white and seem have been already fainted.
    An algidity from break tail ground tail Zhui the bone split inside Pa spread a cervical vertebra bone, malicious push away this person, the pistol dead dead points at doorway, spirit height concentration, don't dare to have to be slacken.Just only led for an hour.Flying high the mansion is them pole in private a nest order place, outsider have no from know, incredibly be too late responding of time inside made people touch to come.And, because lend money at high interest a huge sum of profits that the acquisition gets.The company is basic to all purchase function good weapon for under charge, down stairs fielding of public all at least is that the pistol is above, can the common bludger easily break this defense line?
    The one more orders surprisingly BE, they unexpectedly still have agreeable thousand Jiases company on the side, the abacus this time but beat wrong.
    Break tail is deliberating, suddenly.Two wood doors in the hall explode to open, the broken up ground wooden board flies to the half empty, the shot beats on the ceiling, the wood residue flies to spread and seem the scraps of paper of firecrackers explosion creation, come to everywhere all BE.The screw of fixed frame in the door arouses to shoot but, tightly nail just across the street window Ling up.
    Break tail shivering lose surprised, return a way the other party use explosive.The hooligan's silver hair the prince and another person walked to come in and was stained with a few sharp wood residues on the shoe top that day.Originally the doorway is unexpectedly kicked by this person to break ground.
    Fly Xie to spread like the wood residue of Tao wave flower in the sky bottom, cover electric light, the indoor ray suddenly dims down and sprinkles to settle a full head of tail a full face.He wants to open fire, but the view is separated, can not correct judgment the other party position, have to right on the spot on rolling, prepare to hide room to once hold tight Su to fly Hong to consider as to coerce of hostage.Hey Hey, original this usury has no hooligan what matter, but southern thus last heart, clear have a liking for that of beautiful daughter, perhaps is him ground Pin head.

  • offended to come inDatum22.09.2023 04:10
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Allgemein

    There is benefits conflict now certainly.Make sure four greatest golds first the movements just, earlier Su round the lane comes out, don't allow their family to encounter again what Great Dipper.Leave they were robbed to walk already and have half for hour, if my guess not hurry up, the molar is strong will kill them to give vent to anger."
    Zhu Xiang says:"Mr. Liao pleases to worry, five Yes to this matter extremely value, have already contacted the elite intelligence report of shell house troops, estimate not ten minutes, the news can send back right away."
    Indeed as expected and as expected, the intelligence report troops under the third-grade cutthroat Sa Lei leadership is the most efficient, they drank half cup wine and soon had to a report.
    "61 lanes of green avenue dragon fly high a mansion and break tail and about 40 people at in, armed well-found, the hostage hasn't come yet and transfer.The molar is strong to recover from illness the hospitalization department in hospital No.3 building No.405 sickroom with Chen Dian Si in the Xuan force avenue, outside someone guard.The anti- bone that just once assaulted candlelight bar westwards the city wild daisy road direction fled elsewhere."
    Liao learned soldier to say towards once taking charge of fast:"This should be your police's business?Do you still use me to say more?If the situation resists and leaves molar to strongly live as far as possible.I don't trust Su round that fellow, must go green Long Jie in person."Wish don't trust Su to fly Hong that small girl is true.
    The stereo set in the bar suddenly spreads a burst of huge engine to bellow a voice, this is Liao to learn a soldier the Hally motorcycle that they acquaint with very much engine.The drum that immediately after would is to sturdily have rhythm orders and imitates if thunderstorm rain flushes the earth, earthquake once the heart leap a to jump, again keep on listenning to, give or get an electric shock a guitar to draw back musical prologue, is one of the songs 《make track for a car person 》 of the that the Mu permits ice rain.
    Music that vigorously explodes leisurely grows a singing of high Kang chamber, the pair sings phrase part very long, high tide's letting people deeply drunk then will have a boiling passion after one by one.
    "The lonely figure always shuttles in the dark night of city, blood and tears are in the speed Qing Xie ……"
    The strong breeze that accompanies with 《make track for a car person 》 and rushes toward noodles since then, more than 20 motorcycles speed a Vinaceous Rosefinch street, the bombing of motor loudly vibrated half street, black smoke in the street of cold Qiao filled the air, and the real estate vibrates under the tire.
    "Su's flying Hong is my student, she if without half root hair, you wait after 18 years again be a good brave fellow."
    The eagle gun voice laceration green Long Jie the No.61 lane son of deafening desert of quite, fly high an open spaces building way inside in mansion, the echo concusses around, the pendant lamp of ceiling is tottering, dust Shu Shu but fall.
    A living quarters of the 12th floor east side end hurtles into a younger brother that livings to greatly recruit a breeze ear and is taken by surprise ground to call a way:"Elder brother Wei!The hooligan's person discovers us and has already offended to come in!"
    Living quarters approximately 60 even rice spaces, a living room, two bedrooms, a south to of veranda.The round of Su and his wife is locked by the iron chain a pass in the bedroom of utter darkness, whole body shiver, surprised fear to hand over to add.The time of coming in has already got to beat mercilessly, all all over the body is blood son, at the moment of he hastily lends usurious affair penitence end to he and, the daughter is closed alone in another room by them, the circumstance is very far from good, also doing not know will encounter what poison hand.She that big speech Dan the form master of the Dan, alas, don't lift let it be, incredibly made piece useless written evidence, let oneself think the affair has already successfully solved, unexpectatively will make so, don't know that the it is dawn still has a life by himself/herself at.
    Broke tail to just tore the half that Su flew Hong side clothes, peeped out the smooth circle shoulder for slipping away, the Yin said with smile:"The kid in nowadays develops really quickly, don't be nervous, uncle will good well painful yours."
    Su flies Hong hands to protect chest and tries very hard to shrink into inside in the corner, eyes Yun full drop of tear, nervously say:"Do not, don't come over, my teacher can't definitely pass yours."

  • somewhat confused with shuttersDatum19.10.2020 05:05
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    Exterior vs Interior Shutters
    Over the years many people have switched from blinds and curtains to the more popular alternative, window shutters. There are numerous benefits that come with window shutters as they are efficient, effective and attractive whether placed inside or outside of your home. However, though they share similar characteristics, shutters have fairly significant differences that should be considered when deciding between interior or exterior window shutters.
    Interior Window Shutters
    Interior window shutters add a warm and elegant atmosphere that you notice when entering any room. The majority of interior shutters come with louvers which allow the shutters to be adjusted when desired. With the option to adjust the shutters they can be opened for air and light can come through whenever desired. Another feature of adjustable shutters is the privacy they bring while still letting light into the room. If adjusted at an angle, shutters can prevent outdoor visibility, yet allowing in air and natural light.
    Besides the aesthetics and functionality, interior window shutters are also energy savers. Wooden interior shutters can efficiently maintain the temperature in the house regardless of the tempuratures outside. Windows themselves contribute, but wooden interior shutters provide double protection against the outdoor elements. When the temperature rises outside, closed shutters help trap the cool morning air inside. Likewise during the cold, they keep the warmth inside saving on electricity from heat or air condition. In addition to all the listed benefits, interior window shutters bring added value to a home once installed and can be a unique selling point in the future.
    Exterior Window Shutters
    Exterior window shutters can provide a classic Mediterranean look to the outside of any home. They are a great addition that can be viewed by anyone approaching your home. Besides their good looks, exterior window shutters have practical uses as well adding additional security on the windows. These are especially popular in places where natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes often take place because they provide extra protection for windows. They can be taken down and repainted as a weekend project and are fairly easy to maintain.
    Much like interior shutters, exterior shutters can be used to keep the light out when closed or bring light in when opened. Both are efficient energy savers and can be adjusted as desired depending on the weather.
    How Shutters are Made
    When it comes to making custom window shutters and installation, we get many questions regarding the framework, panels and most commonly, ‘What are louvers?” With that said, it is high time we wrote a piece detailing how shutters are made and how they are installed, let us show you how we do things at French Brothers Custom Shutters.
    First and foremost, always measure the window. Determine if a custom made frame will be needed and have a plan for the window shutters. The panel is the main part of the window shutter and is made from louvers – the blades that are kept together by rails on the top and bottom. The rails are connected to a stile on each side to make a rectangle enclosure surrounding the louvers to keep them in place with a metal strip. The strip allows the louvers to move uniformly allowing for a great view when opened. The whole window shutter is then hinged to the window jambs on each side of the window letting the shutters open completely. Window shutters can also be hung or installed on tracks which offer smooth and easy movement.
    Once the shutters are prepared and are ready to be installed there are a couple different options depending on the window. If it already has an existing frame the window opening gets measured, styled, sized and the number of panels are chosen.
    However, if the window does not have a frame then a special custom made joinery frame will be required and made to fit inside the window opening. Once this is done, the panels chosen will be designed perfectly to fit the new custom frame.
    Shutters are made and installed so that they can open and close easily. There are multiple ways this can work depending on how the shutter will operate using one or two ways from the list below. For longer use, quality fittings are crucial and will keep your shutters efficient.
    how to make shutters
    At French Brothers Custom Shutters we offer an array of top quality products to meet your window shutter needs. From interior and exterior window shutters to custom closet doors, we specialize in making the absolute best product for our clients. To view the products used to build our window shutter visit our products page today.
    Stance on Shutters: Blinds vs Shutters
    3 18 zoomed custom shutters 2
    Many people don't know the difference between blinds and shutters, and the difference is simply a matter of preference. Interior window coverings can both enhance the beauty and functionality of your living space, making them a great home improvement choice. It can get complicated once the window coverings are to be chosen.
    Blinds: Blinds can get somewhat confused with shutters, but they are actually quite different. A typical window blind is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal, which adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing the slats to overlap. The easiest way to distinguish a blind from a shutter is to look for strings. Blinds use strings to rotate the blade and pull the blind up or down, whereas shutters have panels that swing open on hinges much like a door. They can be just as decorative as a shutter and come in a variety of different materials and styles, and are a more cost-effective option than shutters. Blinds are the perfect choice for budget friendly remodels, but will not last as long as shutters.
    Shutters: Interior shutters usually hinge on either side of a window opening, and swing inward to allow access to the window or to allow light to enter a room. Operable louvered shutters have louvers, or slats, that rotate open or closed to control light, visibility and airflow. There are a number of different shutter types, materials and styles available, all designed to add a heightened level of architectural sophistication and attractiveness to the home. In general, shutters are more durable than drapes or blinds, and offer the best light and temperature control, as well. Shutters are an investment that will last for many years to come and also add value to the property.
    Living in Luxury: Custom Closet Style Basics
    5 78 zoomed beautiful clost doorsLiving in luxury is no easy feat to accomplish. Decorating your home with small touches of elegance can give the feel of luxury without the price.
    Wrap your home in elegance with a custom closet, and benefit from getting everything you need out of your closet. Fitting everything in and creating a clutter will no longer be a problem with a custom closet suited to fit all your space needs.
    Each closet will be different and maybe used for other purposes. With this in mind, deciding your “needs” is extremely important and will get the most out of each closet. Whether it is for a kids bedroom, a master his and her closet or a storage closet, it should be designed to make your life simpler. Choosing a custom closet style allows you the options necessary to make your closet awesome.
    A popular style choice is a boutique styled closet that accommodate nearly all of the needs for most people offering elegance along with space, organization, mirrors, plenty of hanging space, drawers and even a personal beauty section. These custom closets are popular for their space, and lavish feel of having your closet feel like a separate room.
    Many people don't have the space to add in even more space for a custom closet, so a great alternative is an island style closet which contains more storage for clothes, shoes or whatever else needed while not taking up a ton of space. It also gives you the space on top of it and decorate or use for anything you need.
    With all of the options available these day for custom closets, it is wise to make a list of your “needs” and make sure that each of them is checked off when you make the final decision for your custom closet. There are unlimited resources online that can assist you when getting started and make your closet experience fun.

  • Benefits of Exterior ShuttersDatum19.10.2020 05:01
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    Interior window shutters have always been very popular, but with new styles and materials that bring new benefits they are even more popular today. Indoor window shutters, commonly plantation shutters, boast numerous benefits besides simply adding to the beauty of your home. These days, interior window shutters can be fitted into any window frame and made to match nearly any home décor theme needed. Beyond their attractive appeal, window shutters also regulate light throughout the room while providing effective insulation which can significantly save on electric bills. The best part about interior window shutters is their ability to maintain their value while adding value to your home as well.
    Wooden shutters are extremely popular, but vinyl is coming along strong and both are great choices for your home depending on your budget and preference.
    Wooden Interior Shutters
    Wooden shutters are definitely more popular than vinyl for multiple reasons, but mainly because vinyl shutters are cheaply made which is why they are much cheaper than wood. Not that all vinyl shutters are bad, but beware the extra cheap ones. Besides the appeal that comes with real wooden shutters, their benefits include maintained value, increased home value, durability, an extra security measure and of course light regulation and improved insulation. Wooden shutters also come in many different types depending on your preference.
    Vinyl interior shutters can be great if they are of quality make and should definitely be considered if on a budget. Besides the obvious lower price, vinyl shutters have benefits that wooden shutters do not. They are very practical and will not crack, fade, peel or even deteriorate over time. Vinyl shutters are a perfect solution for humid parts of the home like the bathroom, shower and kitchen. They are also great near Jacuzzis and pools as they are moisture resistant. Unlike wood, vinyl shutters are flame-retardant and will insulate better than wooden shutters.
    DIY Refurbish Your Old Shutters
    If you're thinking about replacing your shutters but you're not quite sure what to do with your old ones, consider refurbishing them rather than tossing them out. While they may not be suitable for your windows anymore, there are a number of decorative and functional uses for old shutters. Check out some of these creative uses for old shutters and get inspired.
    The easiest way to refurbish your old shutters is to use them as wall decorations. If they're old and faded, they will work perfectly to accent a room, patio, or garden where you want to create a vintage or rustic look. If you want to get especially creative, try painting them a different color to match a room better and to give them a new life.
    If you've been on the hunt lately for an organizer or pegboard, look no further. You can DIY old shutters can make the perfect organizers for hanging kitchen utensils, magazines, or even bathroom towels. For kitchen and bathroom organizers, it may take a little extra work to attach hooks to the louvers, but it's relatively simple and very cheap. Organizing your magazines or holiday cards is easy: use clothespins or simply hang them from their spines on the louvers.
    If you have the time and energy to undertake a more involved shutter project, old shutters can make for a spectacular headboard for your bed. Depending on the weight and height of your old shutters, you can bolt or nail them directly to your bed frame or your wall. If you are feeling really inspired, you can add a decorative molding to the top of your shutter headboard, creating a completely customized headboard for very little cost.
    Other creative projects for old shutters include tables, shelves, and even planters. Like with the headboard, these projects will take some extra time and innovation, but the finished product will come out looking beautiful, unique, and like it was made specifically for your home. While we are in the business of replacing old shutters with new ones at French Bros. Custom Shutters, we're not in the business of wasting, and our first priority is your home.
    Caring for Your Shutters
    caring for your shuttersShutter care depends largely upon the style of shutters you have in your home and the materials that they are made from. Wooden plantation shutters, for example, will require different day-to-day maintenance than polysynthetic shutters. Knowing the appropriate methods for maintaining your shutters is important, however, because caring for your shutters ensures that they stay clean and pristine for years to come.
    To maintain your wooden shutters, you don't need very much in terms of equipment or even expertise. All you really need is a vacuum or duster, a cloth, wood polish, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. About once a week or so, with either the vacuum or the duster, do your best to remove the dust, dirt, and dander from your shutters. A vacuum with a soft-brush attachment will work best to loosen up the grime and get rid of it for good instead of just spreading it around. Next, using your cloth, apply the wood polish to your shutters. For the harder to reach cracks and crevices of your shutters, use your soft toothbrush to lightly spread the wood polish to these areas. One important rule to remember is to never use soap and water on your wooden shutters. Doing so can warp the wood and damage the finish.
    On the other hand, if you have polysynthetic shutters, using soap and water to maintain them is relatively harmless. We still recommend dusting first, but once this step is complete, you can use regular dish soap and water to finish the job. Be careful, however, not to get any metal hardware wet, as it can rust very easily and make your shutters difficult to maneuver. It's best to use very little water. We recommend using nothing more than just a damp cloth with minimal soap, this will help minimize any effects on the paint and finish of your polysynthetic shutters.
    At French Brothers Custom Shutters, caring for shutters is our business. We pride ourselves in producing high quality, custom shutters, and it's our goal to keep them looking elegant and new for as long as possible. Thank you for continuing to allow us to extend some of that dedication and care into your home.
    Benefits of Exterior Shutters
    exterior shutters san diegoExterior window shutters typically come in two types and are installed on the outside of the home. They can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, steel, vinyl or wood depending on which window shutter type fits your needs.
    Decorative- If you live in an area with few storms or natural disasters, the decorative exterior window shutters provide numerous design options to fit your needs. Although decorative shutters are not always operable, they can be if requested. These shutters add a classic and attractive aspect to the exterior of the home.
    Protective- In areas where violent storms or natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes are frequent, protective exterior shutter are often used to shelter windows from wind-propelled objects. While protective shutters posses functionality they may also include decorative features, the major differentiator is that protective shutters are required to be made of much stronger materials.
    Exterior Window Shutter Benefits
    As soon as your new exterior shutters are installed they bring benefit beyond decoration and protection. Privacy can be an important factor for your home depending on where windows are facing, but with exterior window shutters privacy comes simply by closing the shutters when necessary. Closing your exterior shutters also adds to insulating the home, keeping the temperature warm or cold when you want it. Another added benefit of exterior window shutters is another level of security should an intruder attempt to break in through the window. While glass can easily be shattered by force, masterly crafted wood requires tools to break through and a more thought out plan of action.
    Other Ideas
    When designing outdoor spaces like pool rooms, consider using exterior shutters that can double as both windows, doors, or entire walls. Their versatility allows for them to open up all the way, closed all the way or stay partially open to let in sunlight and air. Using durable and elegant wood shutters as the “walls” for the outdoor room provides an array of options for design, use and convenience while offering an aesthetically appealing addition to the backyard. Easily transform from indoors to outdoors with this creative exterior shutters idea.

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