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    Will'eagle claw in the sky'the boxing set put into package inside, wear to up drink blood knife, then set out once again on package of back.
    A short moment, the Teng green mountain came out wild.
    "Or the outside is comfortable!"Coming out is wild, the sunlight in that morning falls on the body, warm ocean ocean of, the light breeze kiss noodles, is more at ease, " air is also much more delightfully fresh, don't seem to be wild inside, that wild beast corpse putrefied breathing often the year don't spread."Teng green mountain the mood is very good.
    This time at wild inside about ten, and that G one war!
    That war, the Teng green mountain is really placed in a leeway, however this is the cause of Teng green mountain useless gun!
    After all this whole life, Teng green mountain energy all on the marksmanship, cost's 1 inch grows one inch strong, the transmigration of soul gun really displays to open.Although the state ascends worse than the other party.Can the marksmanship of Teng green mountain, but worst, if 2 people put together to die one war, with Teng green mountain marksmanship it wins noodles to be no lower than 50% relentless!
    Just ……marksmanship the superior is too little, the Teng green mountain marksmanship many people all knew.Once using marksmanship, have to fight a life, don't kill Deng Geng, the identity then and very may expose.
    And use boxing method, even if don't kill Deng Geng, the identity can't expose, either!
    "Anyway my purpose, is break them good matter!The effect attains and then went."Kill not to kill Deng Geng, the Teng green mountain has no too interested, " is a line of this time wild, result's pouring isn't small."
    Ate Zhu Guo, stepped into inborn, also get products like eagle claw in a sky,etc.
    "Is the most important of still it!"The Teng green mountain touched the black small Ding of touching the chest and and put into clothes later on.Black small Ding relationship with treasure diagram, the Teng green mountain is lazy to take care of, in his in the mind ……the small Ding is in remembrance of meaning more important.
    Wu An Jun's city.
    Da, Da, Da.
    The Teng green mountain leads long a green Zong horse and runs about Liu Hu Jie in Wu An Jun's city.At the beginning Teng green mountain will that'Li 珺 'the setting is here, and he also promises and revenges for her.
    "Do not know that young girl, now how."The Teng green mountain walks to walk and in astonishment discovers, " Yi, this lake street, how so noisy!"The side of Liu Hu Jie, that can is all big official residence, can buy of rise of, can is all merchant prince, cock of the walk thing.
    This lake street, usually still very quiet in the daytime.
    The lake noodles by the side of Liu Hu Jie up, stop an argosy with beautiful, Teng green mountain also understanding, that is to spend a ship!Is general till evening, on this lake noodles will have a great deal of flower ship, draw on coast some merchant princes seek pleasant some kind of.
    "Is now a daytime, how can spend a ship so more?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
    A flower ship, depend nearerly, among them have the biggest flower ship even in pull in to shore, but unexpectedly came together closely one big cluster of person on the lawn of near the bank, suddenly on seeing, must have 1000 people most at least, row opened several Zhangs to grow.
    Teng green mountain simultaneously leads long a horse, the dynasty fatty Wang's place walks to, simultaneously looking at jollification, listens to clearly shout a voice:"Below come out of, is our head of four joss-sticks of fragrant park in the sky'spring joss-stick'miss."Immediately that closely ascend 1000 people all shouted.
    "Spring joss-stick miss, tonight, you were mine."
    "Ha ha, I came to pay tribute for you."
    That laughter a burst of of.
    Treat Teng green mountain walk up, just detection.
    Originally this near the bank lawn up, below spreads woolen blanket, up put a table piece, fully have 50 tables.An is dressed in stylish merchant prince the magnates to sit by the side of the table, their escort, servants all the station is in one side.The merchant prince persons pleasingly drink and eat fruits etc., looking at a flower to perform on board.

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    "Let him escape!"Deng Geng annoys of one belly fury, the double eyes flush unclearly, " nine state dings!Almost is a hand!!!"Iron dress door hard more than 1,000 years, how much hardships?And, this small Ding is under his eyelid ever, but Deng Geng didn't care, waited to see black iron treasure diagram and just realized that the small Ding is special.
    When he wants to take ……the small Ding was taken away by the other people!
    Everything all late!
    Is empty to get black iron treasure diagram, but can not get the Yu emperor's treasure to hide, say very clearly on that treasure diagram'hard rush to then is certain to die'.
    "……" Deng Geng roars a , the silver scale in hand sword splits toward the surroundings crazily.
    The mountain stone cracks, surroundings one big cluster of big tree bombs however tumbles down, Deng Geng's complexion ferocious rant write:"Door lord in eagle door in the sky, I must will you ground corpse 10000!"The growl resounds in the wild forest and frighten many fierce beasts snakes run about aimlessly.

    Chapter 25 not at?
    One utter darkness, dark of wild forest in.
    A remnants copies fast disease ground to shuttle but leads, the occasionally poisonous snake, fierce beasts desire wants to assault this to be cripple shadow, the whole amount is killed.
    Hear the exasperation growl that the distance spreads'door lord in eagle door in the sky, I must will you ground corpse 10000!', The Teng green mountain chuckles 1:"Door lord in eagle door in the sky?You have skill, first on these nine state the earths, find out an eagle door for a day."'Eagle door in the sky'just the Teng green mountain freely fabricates.
    As for whether really have, don't know, at least, oneself has never heard.
    If really have, if iron dress door seeks in the past, could calculate that be getting more unlucky.
    "This'forget my state', not the Kui is the strongest combat status, the ability develops the space, oneself real strenght to a highest point, just a war, the times time were all had first a hand by the other party!Straightly rush to escape luckily, didn't relate to with state."Recollection just one war, the Teng green mountain doesn't already praise highly.
    Divide according to the state.
    Inborn falsely the Dan is extremely generally state.
    Inborn solid Dan, BE'forget my state'or BE'true my state'.
    Inborn gold Dan, would be to return to original nature!
    If say'forget my state'and'true my state', is the strongest combat consciousness.
    That'return to original nature', compare it, many 1:00-can wait disappearance the air resistance!
    Be like inborn strong s, every act and move, the mountain stone cracks.A sword stabs, the air resistance is very astonishing, the speed is more quick, and this air resistance is more big!Even if'forget my state'and'true my state', also is not likely to get rid of air resistance.
    Inborn gold Dan strong ability!
    One sword that is same, same of inborn true dollar.Once without air resistance, probably will ascend quickly 2300%.Is quick ascend 2300%, is what concept?A shot necessarily kills!
    Because inborn gold Dan the strong , on recruiting one type, don't arouse spirit's exploding a voice and also have no strong breeze to roar and shout etc., seem to be very common.So, be called it as'return to original nature'state!At the beginning, the various Ge dollar Hong accepts the Teng green mountain as pupil, means display, would be this'return to original nature'of means!
    Teng green mountain is also read 《You month gun Dian 》 , just know this.
    "According to 《 You month gun Dian 》 say, only the state promotes, person of'absolute being'just can transmute, transmute of'absolute being', the inborn of the fusion true dollar, the inborn true dollar would transmute!Now, I need realization'true my state'."The Teng green mountain doesn't think self-discipline'forget my state', once forgetting me, fight all regardless of oneself's severely wounded.
    And, the self-discipline forgets me, in the future can hardly step into an inborn gold Dan.In fact many strongs, don't think self-discipline as well'forget my state', what then'true my state'too difficult, can look for the second best, the self-discipline difficulty is low'forget my state'.
    The Teng green mountain didn't take a rest this night, but flew to soon walk faster and killed a fierce beasts snake innumerable all the way, the second day evening just took a rest for a night and treated third sky noon, and the Teng green mountain was a wild edge.

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    "The territory that forget me!"The Teng green mountain heart bottom a surprised.
    "Shout!"Relentless of the sword only and in a twinkling stab before the chest.
    The Teng green mountain right Zhang fiercely claps shot on the sword ridge, the body is a vivid Shan body, can the other party silver scale sword once rowed an arc and again covered with a Teng green mountain.
    At every step back!
    "This G really played a life."Teng green mountain the in the mind is some hasty.
    He once reads 《You month gun Dian 》 , after knowing to attain inborn, needed some steps of self-discipline.Have to attain for example'extremely'state, then the absolute being can break'mire pill temple', just have an opportunity to step to go into'inborn falsely Dan'state.Is also say ……every inborn falsely Dan of, all come to a'extremely'state.
    But want to attain'solid Dan'state, have to comprehend'forget me of territory'or comprehend'true I of territory'.
    'Forget me'and'true I'state, as long as comprehend it a, meeting soon step go into'inborn solid Dan'layer.However'forget me'and'true I'state still distinguishing.
    Forget my state, the difficulty is low, if self-discipline'forget my state', hereafter attain'inborn gold Dan'possibility will the lowest.At'forget my state'in the status, only have combat in the whole personal brain, want to kill opponent regardless of everything, for killing opponent even in doesn't hesitate etc. that oneself breaks arm severely wounded.
    Forget my state under, accurate say, already nonexistent Be getting more rational.
    Really my state, difficulty Gao, hereafter attain'inborn gold Dan'possibility, want to be a lot of high.Really I state status, fight consciousness the slightest unlike forget my state bad, and still contain rational.
    Once the whole body heart gets into'forget my state', that is a combat bedlamite!
    "This G really played a life, don't kill me, he is unwilling."
    The sword shadow once rows a Teng green mountain belly, row tattered clothing, even in at'the Xuan AN inside iron'up leave a sword scar.
    100001000 swords only cover with a Teng green mountain, the Teng green mountain seems to be some in the sword light distress.
    "Do not can descend so to go to."The Teng green mountain is getting more hasty, own body strength, plus'inborn falsely Dan'contain of explosion dint, and'inborn solid Dan'the superior differ only a few.But ……on the state, oneself differs up a , oneself basically not understand'forget my state', also not understand'true my state'.
    According to'You month gun Dian'medium description.
    No matter BE'forget me'still'true I', is all strongest combat consciousness, can oneself meeting of sword method, and marksmanship...etc., perfectly display out.And, true to inborn dollar ground usage, also ingenious arrive a highest point.The space confidence that fights to 2 people, also extremely accurate, even in can predict the other party next move attack.
    Can say so-
    'Forget me'and'true I', can already personal real strenght, develop to arrive most highest point!'Is true I'ratio'forget me', being just many one is rational.
    "Would rather meet self-discipline'true I'of, don't want to meet self-discipline as well'forget me'of, he is a robot now, a bedlamite."Teng green mountain fiercely a fast disease ground turns over a body, at the same time double boxing, good a pair of iron balls be been malicious to hit in the ground, bomb of one Be huge to ring!
    Be deep-fried to ring by the side of the ear like the spring thunder!
    The earth bombs however explodes to open, because the Teng green mountain has intention to operation, majority of mountain stones all shot into Deng Geng.
    "Walk person!"Teng green mountain immediately the dynasty below the hills rush to escape.
    "Rest to escape!"The double eye ash receives of Deng Geng, imitate a Buddha wild beast sort to roar low one to rush out an in great quantities disorderly stone bar and turn to make a quickly passing time very and soon and make track for toward the Teng green mountain.
    2 people a front one empress, Deng Geng but inborn the solid Dan is strong, at light achievement up again excel.But uncannily is ……2 people's distance be quickly spacing out.
    "A bedlamite!However be get into'forget me of territory', this straightly escapes speed to can't increase, either."Teng green mountain as if a flash of lightning, he now but the inborn is strong!So ……《the limits of the earth goes 》 of the previous incarnation academic association, he finally can display second floor light achievement.

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    Can those sons, can contentedly have how many?The person's greed is very terrible.Even if say not to be greedy for on the mouth, the in the mind has how many put hundred million patrimony, don't care?
    "Believe in a lord, that kid but inborn strong, life span long of very, return need not be worried about these."Hope the Hong says.
    "The person has no forethought and necessarily has immediate worries!And, this god of wealth, had no interest towards earning silver, he preparation whole body heart research Wu Dao, so, he must choose one to inherit a person."Hope the Hong says, " is 16 of his sons, each all very intelligent.That kid settles descend rules, give their son a silver, ten years, who decade after, earn at most, who is a lord!"
    Hope the Hong chuckles a way:"This way is pretty stupid, that kid, not afraid have some religious sects, participate lord in the house of his house it contend for, secretly support a certain son?"
    "Is stupid?A god of wealth that is 10 years old and then can earn 1,000,002 silvers is stupid, the world can have no an intelligent person."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.
    Hope Hong not from embarrassed.
    Really, world who dare to say Zhu Tong Chun?Is somebody else, Zhu Tong, to really do a stupid matter, affirmation will someone say, Zhu Tong does this affair to have a deep idea, isn't what ordinary people can understand.
    "His nine sons, please believe in a lord you stem what?"Hope a Hong doubt way.
    "He invites me and sends some superior and protects a goods for him!"The various Ge dollar Hong says, " gift of groom's family 100,002 silvers!"
    This price please return a dollar superior religion, don't calculate Gao.
    "Believe in a lord, do you promise or not?"Hope a Hong inquiry way.
    The various Ge dollar Hong point nods:"I visited that kid and once saw 16 of his sons in those early years, all of each were malicious roles.His nine sons, the popularity is better, one to look like careless generous youth, can actually scheming ……very deep.I have a felling, Zhu Jia future lord in the house, should be big son in Zhu Tong, nine sons and those 133 sons."
    Various Ge dollar the intelligence of the Hong, on nine state the earths who don't know?
    "Helping him is a , also have no bad place to us."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile, " a few days ago of 100 men Be long to have a competition, you saw?"
    "H'm, see."Hope the Hong nods.
    "See the cousin of that Teng green mountain'Teng green tiger'of marksmanship?"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    "H'm?Teng in"hope Hong some surprise, " green tiger, badly have two to recruit, a recruit wild malicious hot, another a recruit uncanny cunning, how?However that marksmanship, I return a dollar religion to seem to have no."
    "I remind you one more, I once gave Teng green mountain a《 very hot fire gun Jue 》."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    "《 Very hot fire gun Jue 》 gives a Teng green mountain?That 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 I once saw as well and had 99811 to recruit, the power was general."Hope there is some hesitations in the Hong, immediately eyes a bright, "believe in a lord, you are to say his Teng green mountain, that gun Jue ……"
    The various Ge dollar Hong nods:"《 Very hot fire gun Jue 》 is each on recruiting power generally, can Teng green tiger those two recruit, I make sure, the fusion creation comes out from 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 !However, the that Teng green tiger real strenght is general, learns two to recruit.I estimate that that Teng green mountain oneself, comprehends 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 fusion, create the marksmanship of , should be not only two recruit.And that recruit type power, should display than the Teng green tiger of larger!"
    Various Ge dollar the Hong vision is cruelty, see those 100 men long to have a competition, the Teng green tiger displays of move, figure out come.
    "This, fusion 《 very hot fire gun Jue 》, create more severe marksmanship again?And, short few months time, this ……"hope that the Hong shakes head wry smile, " I still keep daring not believing, Teng green mountain he attained this layer!"
    "Two teacher uncle."Various Ge dollar Hong openings way.
    Hope a Hong tiny Gong body.
    "This time, for that nine young masters'Zhu Chong Shi'the protection deliver goods of affair, hand over to a Teng green mountain!Letting him choosing two 100 men again is long, and black A soldier of two pay 10 people squad!"Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile, " is 100,002 silvers, I send a Teng green mountain to lead person's horse, and that nine young masters at last earned."
    "That nine young masters, I will summon in the past, let him took early in the morning the day after tomorrow person at we the black A soldier army camp north front door wait."The various Ge dollar Hong adds a way again.
    "BE."Hope the Hong receives orders and hopes that the Hong left at once den very much.

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    Chapter 38 orderanies!
    Various Ge green and green rain goes out, inside the courtyard leaves Teng green mountain their 3 people.
    "June 12, will recruit New appointee, so in a couple of days, will definitely eight weakest 100 mens grew, green tiger eldest brother, I but really worry you."The various Ge cloud Ye Yu says with smile, Teng green tiger but is that the self-confidence is hundred percent, " little Zong Zhu , in a couple of days, has a competition a beginning, you looking at be!"
    "?"Various Ge cloud in astonishment turns a head to see toward Teng green mountain.
    Also show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
    The cousin's real strenght, oneself most clear, can not win 100 men long medium of raise Chu, but medium upper level time, also certain.
    Next day, black A soldier inner part 100 man long, five long of all started a round having a competition, a field superior had a competition and let field jollification in school very.But Teng the green tiger is a five long advance to 100 men long, naturally have a lot of 100 men long think that he is a soft persimmon.
    So, have a competition in the beginning, challenged a Teng green tiger for someone.
    Can Teng green tiger one breath with borrow'fire up sprinkle oil''take Li in the fire'this is cruelty a cunning two recruit, very simply of connecting and winning three 100 men long, immediately those 100 men long understand, this Teng the green tiger isn't easy to handle.
    The evening of summer is a hot and dry very much.
    Remain an inherit hoping of black tunic that the Hong arrived at to believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'of in addition to den, just walked to doorway, then spread inside the den voice:"Two teacher uncle, come in."
    Push door into.
    The various Ge dollar Hong is taking a piece of paper to looking at.
    "Believe in a lord, do you so urgently seek me and have what matter?"Hope a Hong inquiry way.
    Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile:"I that good friend'Zhu Tong'of nine sons, please me an affair."
    "Zhu Tong, our god of wealth of Yang state?"Hope that the Hong is a bit shocked.This Yang state salt company and Yu state businessmen are the famous.But if say, numerous in the last years worlds which businessman's reputation biggest, that is undoubtedly more than 3,000 year agos, billionaire's number one in the world of'Fan Li'god of wealth Fan!
    Certainly Fan Li early died.
    But at present this is most famously and undoubtedly a Yang state salt company one person'Zhu Tong', if say that Zhu Tong exactly has how much , estimate to have no several individuals say know.
    Zhu Tong's father, can be regarded as a huckster.But Zhu Tong at the age of 10, open to have'Feng sun wine shop', only three years, the Feng sun wine shop almost spreads all over the whole Yang state and earns a great deal of money for him.With lend this foundation, Zhu Tong starts gradually seeping into each profession.
    Zhu Tong works a rules.
    Step by step come, does a profession just every time, in time of a profession in after succeeding, would get into new profession.
    Are past for 60 years, this kid owned endless patrimony.
    Most darned of is ……
    This kid, be rated as'god of wealth'of guy, I am still an inborn strong.At expend a great deal of energy at go into business at the same time, can also become a strong inborn, even various Ge dollar the Hong is also to don't already praise highly and don't already admire!
    This adoration'Zhu Tong'of the person is too many.
    "Zhu Tong's old house is the sphere of influence in green lake island.What affair, his son, don't invite green island help in the lake, on the contrary invite us help?"Hope a Hong doubt way.
    Face this be rated as'world first merchant prince' of Zhu Tong, be return a dollar religion, must also formally treat.
    "Ha ha, this god of wealth, he goes into business the last natural endowments, on the history, afraid also have no several people can compare with it, can own endless money, he is helpless!"The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " he has 16 sons!The daughter marries to the outside to go just and stuck some trousseaus to go, can the son was difficult to do.He is the extremely clever that does Lao Tze, 16 sons, each all very get, Zhu Tong is that endless property and how divide?Each ones all want to contend for lord in the house that is Zhu Jia!"
    Hope the Hong immediately smiled:"Divide inheritance to produce?Ha ha ……interesting!Big of religious sect, have already battled out to believe in a lord, his Zhu Jia, also have the house the lord it contends for!"
    A big household, affirmation only a son inherits a seat of host to place, once inheritting a seat of host to place, that almost owns great majority property.
    But other sons, can divide seldom at 1:00.

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    There is horse in empress courtyard, that red blood horse at after courtyard.
    "All all abode, can compare 100 man long abode, very too many."The Teng green mountain right away returns to the abode at first and received oneself's younger sister'green rain', also shouted a cousin'green tiger', started moving house together, waited clothes some things, together and all moved new house of.
    Cost half of two-hour period, thing just all move a new house.
    "."Green rain beats to roll on the bed of room, " elder brother, this bed is very soft to is very comfortable."
    "All all abode, compare our 100 mens grow of abode, much more extravagant."Teng the green tiger Be in admiration of to looking at on all sides, " green mountain, you this room is many, I can at you this lived."
    "I prohibit, don't you live?"The Teng green mountain makes fun to say with smile.
    The Teng green tiger touches head a smile.
    At by this time-
    "Green mountain eldest brother!Green mountain eldest brother!"Unauthorized biography in the courtyard door comes to voice, Teng green mountain 3 people together walk out.
    Open the door, outside in the door was exactly green various Ge cloud and various Ge 2 people.
    "Green mountain eldest brother, I know that you rose it's all all, and then moved lately, specially congratulate."Various Ge cloud says, suddenly various Ge cloud realizes the younger sister of flank'the various Ge is green'not in the right, the various Ge of flank is green to be staring at'green rain', because green rain is embracing the arm of Teng green mountain, seem to be very at the moment is intimate.
    The various Ge is green to see toward the Teng of green mountain:"Green mountain eldest brother, she is who?"
    "Do you say a light rain?"The Teng green mountain smiled.
    The green mountain that the various Ge is green to listen to Teng say'light rain'these two words, so very intimate, is not been one Zhan by heart bottom.
    "Green miss."Flank of Teng the green tiger connect say, " this is the green mountain her younger sister, green rain!"
    "Is this his younger sister?"The various Ge is green to feel a while the mood dulcifying, connect to run over there, very intimately start to lead long the hand of Teng green rain:"I hear that the green mountain eldest brother contains a younger sister, is call green rain, I the list is a 'green', your the name am like very much with me, do we decree by destiny."
    Teng green rain looking at various Ge green:"Do you call various Ge green?To."
    "H'm."The various Ge is green to connect to nod.
    "I yesterday, also listen to the elder brother bringing up you."Teng green rain says.
    "Really?"Various Ge the green heart bottom is dark pleased.
    The Teng green mountain of flank, sees various Ge green and green rain of oneself's younger sister, meet and then get along well, not from is very happy.Immediately and then see toward various Ge cloud:"Small cloud, this is my younger sister'Teng green rain', I take to come over from the home she this time, however in the black A soldier, the woman is too little, all heavy man.So, I think ……can let light rain she joins to return a dollar religion and become the pupil that returns a dollar religion?"
    Outward accept pupil according to returning a dollar rules religion, generally is 10 years old as follows.
    "This is all right."Various Ge cloud generous way, " green rain she is your younger sister, you are that our black A soldier is all all!Is that we return a dollar religion internal person, what does this small matter calculate?"
    Teng green rain also exultation.
    Last night just come, Teng green mountain talked over this matter with younger sister, at return a dollar religion anyway be free, also rather studied a Mi book inside the strength.And 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 the not that suitable woman learn, and younger sister green rain, also want to learn in the heart, the of course not opposes the proposal of Teng green mountain.
    "Light rain.Affair in"the green miss also says, ", I said 1 to go, need not green mountain eldest brother appeared publicly."
    Green miss, that but believe in a main daughter, this small matter calculates what.
    "H'm."The green rain connecting of pleased Zi Zi nods, " thanks you, small green."
    The Teng green mountain looking at these two female kids and just talks in a short while, 'light rain''small green'very intimately called, the man and woman had differentiation.
    "Light rain, you come me to return a dollar religion, haven't taken a walk well?"The green miss says, " I take you to see to Long Gang , there is also canal ten precinct chief dike, take ship tour good-looking.Wait an evening, more beautiful."
    "Good."Green rain connects to nod, " my elder brother basically has no time to accompany me to have fun."
    The green miss turns a head to see toward Teng green mountain:"Green mountain eldest brother, I take a light rain, she goes out first to take a walk."
    "Like, good."The Teng green mountain enjoys thus.

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    "However ……I still have a matter now!"
    The Teng green mountain smiled, "six years, that bluish green cold pond it has been six years since I cut and polished and sneak in once monthly, can all have no at a time throughout.This time, should about."Face upward to visit a sky, the color of the sky has been dark, " tomorrow, tomorrow in early morning enter mountain, again explore that bluish green cold pond bottom!"

    Chapter 38 bluish green cold pond bottom
    The second day morning, in the whole world the one is dusk.
    "Bomb Long Long~~~" thunder bellows, unclearly have piecemeal of raindrop downfall.
    "The green mountain sees this weather, have to have heavy rain.You didn't enter a mountain bitterness to do this morning."The mother Yuan orchid wears a very big quilted jacket and comes out an inside house.
    "The Niang is free, this rain is nothing.H'm, I climbed mountain first."The Teng green mountain started to grasp that pole Bin iron gun to walk to go out.
    "Come back to have breakfast earlier."The mother Yuan orchid shouted 1.
    "Know." Hospital door, the Teng green mountain soon then leave Chuang in the Teng house and ascended to greatly postpone mountain.
    Teng green mountain the whole personalization makes an unreal image and wears a line at this.The time that leaves Chuang in the Teng house, the sky only has piecemeal raindrop downfall, after canning wait until a Teng green mountain into to greatly postpone mountain, along with a thunder, this rain a while suddenly and violently fierce, in the whole world that is that one water is boundless.
    Moment, the Teng green mountain is sprinkled dripping wet, soak through all over.
    "It is really enough unlucky."Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly.
    The body is sprinkled by rain, this pouring is a small matter.And come out his bosom pocket to also have no thing in the morning, Teng green mountain not afraid rain sprinkle, but ……this for a while rain, sneak in the plan of bluish green cold pond some troublesome.
    "No matter how it is, settle next today incubate a bluish green cold pond, is today."
    The Teng green mountain fast disease wears to go and in a short while and then arrives at a pair of heads mountains, this mountain wall to him like the straightaway, that dismantles to unload into two long guns to put at the back, the Teng green mountain hands double feet counteract and in a short while was summit of hill.Later on direct from once the summit of hill jump but descend, hands but clap the mountain stone of shot along the road, decelerate speed.
    "This freezes, also really quick."The Teng green mountain falls at halfway up a hill, bluish green cold pond two vacant lands out of the Zhang of side up, the wry smile looking at a bluish green cold pond.
    Sees bluish green cold pond surface have been already condensed very thick 1 F hard ice.
    "This, must have thick 30 cmses most at least.This just descend much and greatly and in a short while?"The Teng green mountain is very helpless, pond water in the bluish green cold pond is very special, the density wants than common water a lot of high, is very all doing not freeze under the low temperature circumstance.But whenever the time rained is rain water and this bluish green cold water in the pond pond contact.
    The rain water will quickly freeze!
    Just rain in a short while, freeze and then have one Chinese foot 2 inches Be getting thicker.
    However the Teng green mountain also knows, rain even if is continuously next, this freezes, also at most attain two Chinese foots thick.
    "I this clothes all drenching, descend a deep pond that today, have no necessity the undressing took."The Teng green mountain will carry on the back up of the Bin iron gun package throw to one side and at will start to embrace a piece of big rock from a side, on jumping but rising, the whole individual steadily falls on this hard ice.Trample this hard ice, the Teng green mountain can also feel a burst of algidity.
    Teng green mountain fiercely a stamp foot!
    Imitate Buddha world to collapse, that foot has one Chinese foot two inch the thick hard ice be musted crack to collapse to open by the Deng a while, the dynasty collapses to fly to open indiscriminately on all sides to, many ground crack ice-cubes bump shot beside of mountain wall up, deep-fried become ground powder.
    "I don't believe and return Qian this time the department is not and exactly."The Teng green mountain embraces to lead 100 catties of heavy big rocks and hurtled into a bluish green cold pond.
    That is good enough to the low temperature that the ordinary people starve with cold, but the Teng green mountain only wears a single dress, but easily resists.
    "Hua Hua~~"
    Continuously of next sink, arouse the fluxion of pond water.

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    This is the self-discipline method, the different effect for producing.
    Inside the self-discipline vigorously Mi book, inside that body inside strength increment will soon, can blood vessels' breaking through will be very difficult.
    But inside boxing self-discipline in the house, the natural intelligence has the highest request, inside the strength increase very slowly, the only advantage-break through blood vessels to want many easy.
    Tiger form absolute being!
    Not the Kui declares absolute being, this does, the Teng green mountain is from the completely sinking to immerse to sharply promote in this real strenght wonderful felling.Again in next exactly a month time, Teng green mountain everyday great majority time is all practicing 《tiger form magical power 》 , the whole individual's body character, continuously raise by astonishing speed.
    Inside the courtyard.
    A head of tiger as if occupy in the Teng green mountain on the ground, whole body the hot air steam Teng and treat station start, hot air dissipation.
    "This tiger form magical power, to body the small incitement is too violent, the body humidity consumes too many.After the practice each time, all want to drink more water."The Teng green mountain walks to the flood urn of one side place, start to grasp water Piao, the one breath connects to drink three Piao waters, this whole individual just feels at ease.
    After so long training, Teng green mountain also the principle of understand 《tiger form magical power 》 .
    "If say, raise a stone lock and roll iron ball etc., is all thick macroscopic aspect muscle, physique training.This 《tiger form magical power 》 in"Teng green mountain dark way, " is the training of tiny view!It is to lie prone on the ground to look, have no how much variety, can actually, that is depend inside strength, breath, strength dint to stimulate internal organs, muscle fiber and physique cell, make it is promoted.The previous incarnation modern is social, hear some short athlete of runnings, once used some electromagnetism techniques, stimulate a muscle growth.Just, those science the household-use electromagnetism stimulate, effect far not equal to I am this 《tiger form magical power 》 ."
    The electromagnetism of previous incarnation stimulates body and also be placed in a research initial stage, only relax to regulate, promote the weakest function that the muscle promotes.
    And, those instrument prices are extremely high.
    "However, equally stimulate, usually do.The effect will be more and more low ……to certain extent, this kind of stimulates, will have no function."The Teng green mountain really knows this, seem to drink, drink to inebriate most easily for the first time, also easily promote a capacity for liquor, more and hereafter, the capacity for liquor is more and more big.
    However to certain extent, the capacity for liquor was extreme limit.Even in along with the decrepitude, the capacity for liquor still descends.
    A truth, 《tiger form magical power 》 can let the body character of Teng green mountain, quickly raise, attain a brand-new height.But attain this high after, will depend 《tiger form magical power 》 again and then can not promote hereafter.Even in wait body decrepitude, the body character also descends.
    "Self-discipline this 《 tiger form magical power 》also a month, however train every time now, the range promote, I have already canned not realize by myself!Can although can not realize, the body character in fact remains at the most slow-moving promote.The magical power 》practice in about a year, about completely useless, " of"the Teng green mountain is understand, 《 tiger form however, this promoting of short short[one] month, catch up past I promoting of 23 years range!"
    The Teng green mountain is extremely happy.
    From 10-16 year olds, these six yearses, the Teng green mountain owns more than 100,000 catties of huge dint, can say an evil absolute being sort existence.
    But train this month now, but let his strength, fully raised many near 50%.
    More and upwards promoting is more difficult, only a month, on the strength but on the extreme limit foundation, promote 50% again.Have to admit-tradition more than 1,000 years of inside boxing in the house is really magic.
    Present Teng green mountain, represent inside the highest point of house boxing!
    Inside when boxing in the house increase in the ancient world spiritual influence can attain of highest point!
    The Kuang thou Shuo now of inside boxing the first in house strong.

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    Match with breath to vomit Na, the vertebrate of Teng green mountain as if a big dragon but rise Teng, but incubate, ten pressures of acceptances, through a successively joints, quickly deliver a shoulder department is to the vertebrate bone, but the pressure that that feet are subjected to, same a successively deliver into vertebrate position.
    Strength but deliver a double from 10 feet, but the feet deliver to 10 from the double.
    That vertebrate is the whole individual's main stem.
    The breath vomits Na and arouses the peristalsis of viscera, inside the operation of strength, then turn worse this kind of sport.Even in also enlarge the pressure to the joints, incitement!Breathe every time, every time inside strength operation, every time strength the dint deliver and all match with perfect don't lack.After all the Teng green mountain has already had experience.
    "Shout, shout~~"
    The whole body joints very and soon delivers tremor and sends out a burst of deep and low and loud and clear stertor and lies prone to go to bed over there just like a head of tiger.
    The whole body bone is each to become itchy.
    Is sour!
    The muscle is each to gradually deliver sour.
    Is at ease!
    From inside but outside, the viscera, spirit blood moves, physique, skin film muscle, all at take place extremely small variety.
    Cell, muscle fibers of physique are all sharply changing at this kind of, absorb a strength inside the most rarely seen 1:00.Can the body Be each to absorb very and rarely seenly inside the strength.While all absorbing all over, come together, each time a moment, the whole body consumes of inside strength, that is a very astonishing number.
    "Chi, Chi Chi~~"
    Only a short moment, the Teng green mountain body form hot air steams Teng, such as mist similar hot air, Teng green mountain whole body the voice of the physique, add more deep and low.
    "It is unimaginable."The Teng green mountain obviously feels to bodily and sharply change and doesn't already marvel, " my body character, than previous incarnation peak period, want to be strong up the number decuple lead a hundredfold.This displays 《tiger form magical power 》 to display one down each time, time also wants to be many short.This each time is getting shorter, this effect unexpectedly promotes so many!"
    Previous incarnation, the Teng green mountain of peak period, the ability raises 10000 catties.
    The person's extreme limit to know, be can raise 10,000 catties of of time, you make him raise 1,000 more again, that is all difficult if ascend heaven.This extreme limit more and upwards raises, more difficult.
    But present Teng green mountain, the dint raises extreme limit, has more than 100,000 catties.The real strenght certainly wants than the previous incarnation strong lead to count decuple, a hundredfold.At present simple one punch, can batter to death previous incarnation whichever respected master.This is the strength Be strong to arrive the performance of extreme achievement.And the body physique Be also strong to arrive unimaginable situation.
    The time that displays 《tiger form magical power 》 , physique, breath, inside Fu control, also more rapid.
    Display down to the forging process of body one every time, consume time also short of many.
    Seem to run, the jogging runs up 10,000 meters, many people can insist down, but let he run up 10,000 meters with 100 meters extreme limit speed, perhaps still in a little while, the leg department is sour of have no the dint fell on the ground.
    The Teng green mountain of previous incarnation displays 《tiger form magical power 》 , for a long time, demand's that whole body's forging then process can finish carrying on 1.But now, the speed wants to be quick not only over the decuple, this kind of sharply of speed, first time, let the violent body of Teng green mountain feel pressure, the bone becomes itchy, the muscle delivers sour ……
    In this kind of variety, the body sharply consumes energy, is also absorb inside the strength!
    "Not Kui is inside the going to of house boxing Gao incomparable skill!Only all over the blood vessels is all lucid, incomparable skill then can cultivate, is really unimaginable."Even if the previous incarnation once feels tiger form magical power of effect, can at the moment, the Teng green mountain still keeps doing not already marvel, " consumes also astonishing is the ages that increases in this world spiritual influence inside the strength, luckily, inside my body inside strength also enough many."
    This progress speed, compare just developed, the best training stage, progress the speed still have to be astonishing.
    However 《tiger form magical power 》 displays a condition, too the Ke engraved.

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    River Yan is purple to suddenly feel a bit embarrassed, the ground of Shan Shan the waist that is loose to open a leaf for autumn, embarrassedly say:
    "It is sorry.I always an always a carelessly stir up you."
    "I am understand."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "You aren't understand."River Yan is purple to shake head.
    "I am understand."The autumn of the leaf is stubborn of say.
    2 people sink of is uncanny and ambiguous towards seeing, calmness in the room pole, atmosphere.
    "The autumn of the leaf."The river Yan purple light tone shouts a way.
    The autumn of the leaf has no in response to her and suddenly stretches out hands, a hugged into her a bosom, then madness of hug her to embrace each other.
    Imitate a Buddha river Yan is purple the intense emotion for precipitating deep place of body be for an instant sparked in several years, the Jiao breathes heavily and groan x to run out whole body all energies embrace a leaf autumn.
    There is no bar, the tongue of leaf autumn offends into her to still take the mouth cavity of having the tobacco flavor inside.River Yan purple head the inside is like suddenly of explosion, the tongue allowing a leaf for autumn hangs up x to absorb x suck, tie up her lilac small tongue.
    After waiting until to adapt to attack rhythm of leaf autumn, river Yan's purple tongue also the beginning slowly waked up.Have kind learn kind of seduce a tongue of leaf autumn, although the action is still very crude.
    The leaf autumn is some no time for waitings, start stretching hand to solve the small western dress coat on her body.Lips also start next move, from her the eyebrow x nose wing x Bo neck, until chest.
    The small western dress coat of only a button is very quick drive leaf the autumn relieved, the leaf autumn started an again of solve her button of white underclothing.
    "The autumn of the leaf.The autumn of the leaf a"river Yan is purple to embrace a leaf of the head in autumn, dead dead of dynasty she naked of breadth of view inside according to go.
    Refuse.Again is greeting.Want to be deeply some.Going deep into again is some.
    Because at this time leaf autumn the real person body Be tiny to squat down, just at purple slippery delicate river Yan as before the skin of snow up kiss.Get down all the way, until at she such as joss-stick the soft breasts of the pear sort stop over not to walk.
    Plump x the outstanding x top is pink.A rightness of meats pigeons unexpectedly such as place son Chu son.
    Ye Qiu knows her body is unbearable this seducing of degree, loosen to open that like grape size, of meat grain.Right hand fall touches to the button of her short skirt.
    River Yan is purple a catch a leaf for autumn of hand, the seductive eyes is like silk, the voice lightly and infirmly says"leaf autumn.Don't want to be good here?It is an office here."
    Only she knows, what oneself endured patiently is how hard.
    The autumn of the leaf lowered the head to see one eye he or she's next body, one face wry smile.
    Last night and blue can the heart how many times tie up Mian, physical strength should exhaustion just right.Unexpectedly today again like this mightiness of desire.Be showed from this, the river Yan purple magic power is very big.
    "It is all right."The autumn of the leaf is loose to open river Yan purple, helplessly nod.
    Somebody else would not like to, does oneself's wanting to be strong come to don't become?Words like that, and rape have what differentiation?
    See a leaf the facial expression of regret for autumn, river Yan is purple to hesitate in a short while"the small voice say:"Meeting someone comes in.You guard a gate to lock up."
    "What?"Leaf autumn face ascend a pleased.Then just suddenly realize.Run the side of door in quick time office door to anti- lock up.
    The button that unties short skirt, river Yan is purple to sit on the table to lift a bottom, then the leaf autumn can give° it to pick.
    The inside is the pants in a black, two legs tightly clip together and extrude a mysterious Lin Mi of airtight sew.
    In the leaf autumn use some son pretty under the circumstance of dint, just hard difficultly give° her pants to pick.Don't do, method, her two legs clipping really was too tight.
    When leaf the autumn is quick of heel rabbit pick the clothes on the body, take off their oneselfs also a ground of completely naked, 2 people then became open heart to mutually treat of situation.
    "The autumn of the leaf.Come in."River Yan is purple to know it's unavoidable, simply match with very much of separated legs.

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    "Long time no see."She raises head to looking at for autumn, the leaf says.
    "Yes.Long time no see."The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod, dynasty her office desk walked.
    Once stretched hand to rob her smoke between the fingers, her hand wanted to hereafter shrink, but drive leaf autumn the quick one step holds tight.
    Drive leaf the autumn hold tight a wrist, the body has some to allow of shiver, on the face but stay calm and collected.
    Leaf autumn a hand fixedly live her wrist, another hand from she the finger dismantled smoke, then press to extinguish in the ashtray of office desk last full cigarette butt.
    "Is little hereafter take out.It isn't good to health condition."The autumn of the leaf says.
    It isn't an only autumn a person of leaf to say this sentence to he or shes, but hear him feeling heart warmth to say so each time.
    "What matter?"River Yan's purple beautiful and bright and beautiful eyes stare at a leaf autumn to ask a way.
    The autumn of the leaf this just discovers, she still has a very big variety.She always liked to cover her eyes with the gorgeous astute strong eye shadow before, now but no longer use those things.
    "Come over to see you.Conveniently tell you a matter."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Pull a chair to sit on her opposite."My daddy's business checks know, the soldier is several Weis, the big guy specially opened a meeting.
    Just was just him positive.He wrongs.I feel that this affair should come over to tell you 1."
    "Know."River Yan is purple to say.
    Don't know what felling, seem that for an instant, she who there is just also life became an empty hull.
    Always the bitterness bitterness makes track for and wait for of thing, but really good arrive an answer, but change ground vacant frighten into inaction.
    After, is also wanting to depend to what things prop up on the hoof?
    Need a smoke!
    The hand is violently shivers, confusedly groping for on the table, but how also grasp not to live that near in the very short distance cigarette case and the fire machine.
    The fire machine is fallen in the ground to the crest by her finger tip, deliver small clear and crisp sound.
    The autumn of the leaf sighed tone and picked up the fire machine of ground.Again from the cigarette case in took out a smoke to put to spark on the oneself's mouth, take out one mouthful after, just fill into her mouth.
    Blaring one river Yan is purple greedy of absorb, be chest in be full of warm air after, just feel that the body enrichment gets up.Feel the existence of viscera.
    "Living to have medium still have a lot of things that are worth reluctanting to part with.Natural affection x friendship"still have you to now and up make.Even if don't so much pursue again how?Have again how many persons to can understand the meaning that they exist?The most people only has a most in brief pure reason:For the sake of on the hoof and on the hoof.
    Who can take care of again so many?"
    "Other people so all hard in effort of on the hoof, compare but talk, you are lucky.It has been several years since my daddy's one affairs all pass by so.The one who let to die rests peacefully.You waited so long, wait until to conclude a fruit now, should also look for own blessing."
    "What is happy?I forgot."River Yan is purple to say with a smile.The smiling face hasn't elapsed, the eye socket is moist, on the face but have already had a teardrop.
    The leaf walks the autumn to behind in the table and feel pity on of hug her frail body.
    River Yan is purple to lie prone at the leaf of autumn bosom, finally release voice to cry bitterly.
    The life is brief, the time is easily old.
    The bitterness waited for 20 years, she had already been getting older.
    Age like this, mindset like this, also how look for a string of blessing?
    "If you are afraid to can not find, seek me."The autumn of the leaf hugs tight river Yan's purple body.
    "You?"River Yan is purple to vacantly ask.
    "Yes.The substitute is also good.Wait until when you find out your own real happiness can leave."
    "If can act for, do I why the need for wait for for 20 years?"The river Yan purple wet eye old woman Zi asks.
    What she feared be, own felling not is act for.
    "I am to hope that your ability is thoroughly on the hoof."The autumn of the leaf hugs her soft body and in a soft voice says.First sight this woman has so weak of time .
    Before, all is that she was in own way protecting himself/herself.
    "The autumn of the leaf.
    Do you like me?"River Yan is purple to ask a way.

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    No matter is politics or a soldier, hate to pull to send for Ji most .
    "Eldest brother.I just open a fun."Wang Jian Han Shan says with a smile.He is since the childhood
    Being Lin Cang Xie's small footman was the words that lisalso tenned to Lin Cang Lan most .
    "Yes eldest brother.Three younger brothers are still firm heavy."The autumn of the leaf smiles a dozen circle field."How to don't call to ascend me good matter like this?I still really want to become friends with this rumours already a long time of narcissus flower in the Yan city."
    "Did not you nearby have beauty company?Anne's club in sky was still active to challenge toward the Yan pleasant breeze?Unfortunately, that guy too timidity.The past was an appearance that is marvelous to coax, who don't put as well in the eye, originally also have frightened of time ."The mouth of Pie Pie that Wang Jian Han disdains to very much.
    "He is an opponent that is worth valuing."The positive color of Lin Cang Lan says.
    For abdicating for autumn for leaf, river Yan is purple from have already resigned from violet squad captain is one job.Section a lately- established network protection group that river Yan in nowadays is purple to become a national security of first term senior clerk.
    This is a position of very importance.Along with technological of the high speed develop.The network offends to defend the main means that the war becomes war, even can decide a victory or defeat that modernizes war.So, be used as river Yan of first term captain Be purple to have an extremely bright future.
    Lin Bao Er is also the person of this section, regrettable this wench is really too raffish.Is foolish would not like to come back in Hong Kong.With river Yan purple temper, will make a phone call Lin Jia's important person is also the affair in the reason.
    After trip to Hong Kong, leaf the autumn have no opportunity to see river Yan purple.
    This Chi loves father's more than 20 years and wait for a woman who guarded the more than 20 years worth owner of high regard and support.And, the leaf's autumn's relationship with her is also a teacher as well as well friend.Even having some can not the ambiguous feeling of the speech.
    The having never advanced makes a phone call for her, leaf autumn where got hold of this from Lin Cang Xie, transacting of secret section address after, then and directly drove to rush through past.
    The father reverses court sentence, the joy like this should share with her.
    No matter whether there is also love, for she waiting for of 20 years, should get a , answer.
    This special network section transacts a location very concealment, in the country inferiority in Anne bureau of a , ascend a base especially in.There is one that belong to ownly independently small building.
    The autumn of the leaf produce own certificate, and then have country Anne bureau's letter of introduction just can pass to heavily guard of front door.
    Stop car by the side of the flower terrace, the leaf autumn pushes away Yang in the car door to rise a face to look at this small building.From seeming see past, is like also an of the villa of building classicality.The talented person, who knows what happened, knows this importance of small building to China country network safety.
    A little bit wait for, then the middle age woman of wealth black uniform walked out in quick time.See wait the leaf at the door an autumn, saying of apology:"Mr. Ye, how are you.I am river's director's assistant Chen Nuo.Excuse me to make you long very much etc..The river director waits you in the office."
    "Thank you.Assistant Chen."The autumn of the leaf smiles to thank.
    Chen Nuo uses Bo neck up wear up to make the card rowed once on the door and sealed completely of glass door again to two move stretch and shrink.2 people just walked into, the glass door again had already closed.
    Chen Nuo takes a leaf the autumn path go straight to the front of a luxurious office door, after knocking to knock on door, in spread river Yan purple, just come in, of voice.
    Chen Nuo says:"Mr. Ye, river assistant at in wait you."
    After the autumn of the leaf again thanks, this just pushes door into.

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    Zhang Que walks to two cars front, loudly say:"I am the assize of this game, does 2 have an opinion?If you have more suitable candidate, can put forward."
    The autumn of the leaf and Liu Yi Si respectively pressed the car trumpeted and meant to have no opinion to this decision.
    Zhang Que again and loudly shouts a way:"The torch is a number.When the torch flicks next, is the time of beginning.Does 2 have an opinion?"
    Is two clear and crisply the trumpet voice ring out, Zhang Que 's proposal again passes.
    Someone delivers at full cock torch, this is the vehicle-use common previous their Mao prop.Because the night Mao car will be very dark, using other things probably will influence the view of car hand.But use the words of the orotund equipments like the whistle, probably recruit to a police again.
    Zhang Que Gao raises to catch fire a pair of, the facial expression is reflected by the flame of that male male combustion a ground of red all of.Loudly shout a way:"Prepare."
    The autumn of the leaf starts car well, the view keenly stares at front, mouth inside but just open fun with Tang Guo.
    "This game but play a life.Can't the meeting feel nervous?"
    "I once also made you once ascend my car.At present even off."Tang Guo says.
    The autumn of the leaf squinted Jing to smile, he was pulled by force by Tang Guo to get on the car while thinking of he to just come to Yan city of scene.It is exactly also that, drew back oneself to be used as a work prologue of near body bodyguard.
    But, their entwine more and more and deeply, how may even off again?
    Zhang Que loudly yells at the same time, emphatically flick the torch in the hand bottom.
    Two fresh breeze are inheritted, two sports cars have already lost shadow in front of him.
    According to the normal person's thinking, be dressed in high-heeled shoes isn't suitable for to exercise.It specially isn't suitable for to rush.
    But the silver eye obviously don't think so, still keep being a windbreaker of purple color and be dressed in silvers whites up bind white soft take of thin Gao Gen, the heel of shoe is still that kind of astonishing length.Such as a stab sharp nail on the ground.Don't know that it is the strength that props up a person thus, and can walk in this kind of rugged hill path north bound as well.
    But, the silver eye runs very quickly.And, her hand inside still lifts a to measure a not light black small leather suitcase.
    Be used as an outstanding cutthroat, it is the most basic common sense to judge the hour and size up the situation to look for beneficial geography.Is very quick, she found out the best attack location.
    This place is namely placed in the powder Ling deer mountain 4/5 of heights, isn't a summit of hill here, suit to escape, and then occupy vantage point of look down a foot of a hill.
    Slightly jumped in the past, didn't break the natural geography of this place.Squatted down body, open the leather suitcase in the hand, in less than a minute, an attack by surprise the gun to the long range have already assembled completion.And up still have an and attack by surprise the mirror to the infrared ray of the high clear degree.
    Has been adjusted to try some kind ofly, chose to the bestly attack by surprise a point.Then then concentrate to shut spirit, don't send out a front line voice.
    Wait for.
    After the good net, hunter's cloth's the affair doing then only waited for.
    Rapids very arrows.If the fierce wave rushes.
    Anything that vanishes, two cars then hurtled to go out at the same time.
    Because two cars from nearby flee past, the breeze power for curling up is too hasty, let Zhang Que 's sense of vision have moment of become blind.
    When waiting until him could see, after death which still have two shadows of cars?
    In the regular car match, the result usually before running on the first is all not too good.But originally run on in the second place, in the third place or differ some vehicles of positions more but usually win a big match champion.
    The Mao car in the underground game in also such, just the game of monk and west shallow language in the door is also good enough to explain problem.Because monk of mental bear ability of the not enough fortitude and resilience be been anti- super by the west door shallow language opportunity to find out.
    Is a Que way, this kind of phenomenon absolutely can't take place the autumn and own teacher are at the leaf the car Si body of Wang Liu Yi up.
    His car skill is teacher skill development to come out, he has difficult to express confidence to own teacher.But for leaf autumn, this is one to let the public living terrified opponent.He equally can't feel as well his mental state's bearing ability isn't good.
    With say, robbed to preempt of the car probably first climb to climb mountain a crest.
    "BE who run into mountain first?"Zhang Que walks over there.Looking at wayside ground a long hair man to ask a way.

  • him happy happyDatum08.10.2022 16:08
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    "Is difficult if ascend heaven.Don't say to drive is on foot climb all very difficult."West shallow language in the door sinks a voice to say.
    "This place I once heard as well, usually have an accident past for early some years.Want not to change a place?"The west door also comes over here to advise a way to the east.Oneself it is the important period that cooperates completely with leaf autumn, even for trying to please him, also draw in for Hang Chen Shi of Su to divide one cup thick soup.If he if have a misfortune, own so of the investment didn't completely kick Piao?
    Chen Mo
    Fruit and Lin Bao Er three females also the air of noodles dew misgiving, but don't make a noise an obstruction really and understand leaf for autumn.He decides of affair, can't easily change.And, he always all can't easily of hand over to the other people the power to make decisions.
    The autumn of the leaf suddenly opened mouth to smile, peeped out one row pure tooth.Say with a smile:"If is such, that is trying more."
    He is originally a guy with fearlessly not afraid day he on his own initiative car king the invitation come out of, this time how may shrink back?
    Hear the tall difficulty that the leaf promised a car king for autumn challenge a match, the present car fan is again a burst of to shout voice.
    "Choosing a female companion can not choose.Up to you."Car Wang Liu Yi Si says.His meaning is very clear, anyway, my woman in the car can't kick out.Make you also put a person in the car.If you feel so inconvenient, alone one person is all right.
    The leaf once turned autumn a face to see to hesitate and choose in a few female kids who.
    Chen Mo Nong and Tang Guo because each other close sister, all know the other party and relation of leaf autumn again.On the contrary all ashamed openings.West shallow language in the door's pouring is to think openings, but those three women of in front didn't open mouth, oneself and then which have the qualifications of openings?
    "I keep you company."The small face of Lin Bao Er one sees dead to return earth's surface feeling to say.
    "Treasure son lets the fruit fruit go."Chen Mo Nong says.
    Lin Bao Er has a mouth for the Jue and says:"Why again Tang Tang's elder sister?Do I also want to do that car empress is once.Saying a game again is so dangerous.Still make me go?"
    "It is obedient."Chen Mo Nong rather elder sister manner, after pacifying Lin Bao Er, stretched hand to pull Tang Guo to the leaf autumn in front, say:"The fruit fruit also relatively acquaints with to the car, she goes with you."
    The autumn of the leaf is from the Chen Mo Nong's hand in once connected Tang's small hand way:"Good.You wait I to come back."
    " Open your car?"The leaf once turned autumn a face to looking at Tang Guo to ask a way.
    Tang Guo ordered to nod, drive leaf the autumn pull to begin like this, she suddenly feels a bit awkward and shy.It is this felling yes.Although they have already taken place**relation, but she still keeps feeling heart beating badly.
    Be trailed a hand by him to walk toward the sports car to be trailed the hand alignment sort ground in the church by him happy happy.
    Car Wang Liu Yi Si's sports car affirmation is has been refitted, Tang Guo opens of the Ferrari is collecting of west shallow language in the door article.Probably she also passed by or many or littlely refit is that the orchid Bo radicle Ni of affirmative not equal to car king is so professional.
    To know generally race car superiors to all change a car master.They even will sacrifice many rationalities of carriage for pursuing the speed of extreme limit.
    The autumn of the leaf draws back the car door of copilot's room first and lets Tang Guo sits into.And carefully button up safety belt for her.This oneself just entered lord bridge house.
    Liu Yi Si closed car window, launch car fore the noodles leads the way.They are going to the powder Ling deer foot of a hill gather.
    The Ferrari sports car of leaf autumn follows close behind afterward, the behind is vastly and mightily long troops dragon of about 100 cars.They also want to go to witness, this Dian Feng to definitely of race result.
    The powder Ling deer mountain leaves to race car a field not far, in fact race car a field is the powder Ling deer mountain under the foot of a hill spaciously.This is a very and steep mountain peak, the title sees go, almost and the ground is a perpendicular right angle of 90 degrees.
    Lead to the start of climbing mountain the highway to order to return quilt wire and iron stake to lock live, see to rumours indeed as expected not and falsely.
    Need not order, take to the stud bolt knife and the pincers for someone naturally wire clipping, and go into partnership son iron stake to move to a wayside.

  • The car king simpleDatum08.10.2022 16:05
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    This with the orchid Bo radicle Ni Malaysia dint high-speed sports car ground the characteristic mutually fit together.It is said that this sign also embodied to initiate a person the orchid Bo radicle Ni bullfight sort not resigned to playing second fiddle ground Pi.
    The geneses of the orchid Bo radicle Ni Sp car factory person the fee Lu orchid Bo radicle Ni in Ji Europe inside permeate an Italian special Hao feeling life ambition, encourage him all the way from the son self-made man of a common farmer, struggle an interest not until the profession that becomes public admiration steers a person.
    Wang Liu Yi Si being not difficult to guess the car that chooses this is very to this kind of bullfight spirit to appreciate.
    "A superior who is hard to deal with."The autumn of the leaf in mind did evaluation like this.
    He is very delighted, can meet opponent like this.Especially tonight, he needs a Han Chang to sprinkle the game of Li.
    The car window automatically opens the face of appearing a yellow race person.
    Can't recognize his age, probably 35, probably 45, also probably a little bit larger.Emaciated and robust face and deep eyes root of hair the root Be hard to rise, stay to have a strong and tough beard.
    No one organizes, the present car is fond of calling of self-moving Liu Yi Si's your respectful name.The king of the car, he is underground most dazzling star in the car world, the only king.
    Belong to their king.
    Face and necks of their concussion all became purple red and made an effort of brandish hands or other what things, make the ground shout oneslef hoarse.
    Liu Yi Si lightly swept their an eye they ordered to nod, then they then call ground more crary.Showing ground in this desolate and open spaces night is particularly irritating to the ear.
    "BE who?"Liu Yi Si looking at own pupil Zhang Que ask a way, there is no the facial expression of pleased Nu on the face.
    "The autumn of the leaf."Zhang Que also equally and apathetically answer way.This teacher and pupils get along with a way very weird.
    The autumn of the leaf smiles to walk over there and stretches out to say:"I am the leaf's autumn.Admire already a long time, very the honor sees a car king."
    "I come to compete."Liu Yi Si says.He has never stretched out a hand go to and leaf the autumn shake hands.
    The autumn of the leaf walked up to just notice copilot's room of Si to sit in seat of honor a beautiful and slender beautiful person.Very dignified and beautiful woman, the hair dish is in the top of head and wear a month white chirpaur.The noodles is like bright moon if autumn waters.When the view seeing a leaf for autumn notices her, she towards a leaf to nod a smile for autumn.Peeping out twos is lovely of dimples.
    The autumn of the leaf also towards her to nod to think, this should be the Neptunian needle of settling of car Wang Liu Yi Si.Even if is an outsider to see woman like this can the heart is quiet in all my life.Have her to sit on the car a king nearby, the car king can't definitely make anxious onrush ground false.
    "It is all right.What rule?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.The eccentrics all have eccentricity, this guy to own disciples all the plank wear Zhang Si Ren's face and have never also hoped him meeting how of courteous reception he.
    "Is quick is a king.Have no regularity."The car king simple and directly says.
    Liu Yi Si swept the vacant land of eye in front, this expanse, is originally an other Mao car clan Mao here the place of the car.Say:"Run here have no interesting.We run the powder Ling deer mountain.Who arrive summit of hill first, who become champion."
    Hear a car the king put forward of game place, present person not from must deeply take a suck at an air conditioner at the same time.
    Powder deer mountain, also be called the powder Ling deer neck.If do a deer of other highway ratios, so this powder Ling deer mountain the Bo neck that can be a deer.It is thin narrow and long.Although there is a wreath mountain highway, very difficult walk.There are many Mao car clans in previous Hong Kong want to challenge this hill path, none exception, they all opened into car ten thousand Zhang abysses.Discard oneself and love car together.
    After Hong Kong government for eradicating completely the occurrence of this kind of affairs, established roadblock under the foot of a hill.That dish mountain highway also because the year is long bad repair, fall in to split again of tree branch with vacillating come down of the crushed stones is also no one is going to try.

  • the car groundDatum08.10.2022 16:01
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    Leaf the autumn forehead keep emitting cold sweat.This wench returns a root exactly still only and perhaps world not disorderly and violent member.
    "You, lift him to return to."The leaf sees autumn is those companions to the gratitude ground and say.
    "BE."All don't know is who the low eyebrow easy on the eyesly promised in the crowd a , then come out four cars that the young men ran to come over a gratitude to ascend respectively.Away and disappear the sons all finished running.
    The leaf walks the autumn to Zhang Que 's in front and looking at him to say:"Suddenly really think a Mao car.Two of us run again a , irrelevant victory or defeat."
    "I ain't your opponent.Didn't do good to you so."Zhang Que clearly says."If you don't mind, I can let my teacher come over to run 1 with you."
    "Car Wang Liu Yi Si?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
    "Yes.He just also in Hong Kong."Zhang Que nods to say.
    Hear this name, round the crowd beginning disturbance of view to get up.
    Car Wang Liu Yi Si, this name was too loud and clear.
    As long as being to like to play a car, is not likely to don't know this name.Or say very difficult don't hear various record of events concerning this name.Because each the persons who play a car with know he of some strange smell anecdotes but feel proud and proud of.
    It is said that he wants to take part in a game, they are all excitedly impending.Just fear feeling to the leaf autumn on sweeping but warmly discussing only, even also someone secretly ran over to make a phone call, let the friend hurriedly came over the highest point of appreciating the two greatest superiors to definitely.
    Leaf autumn when the first time and Zhang Que compete from the mouth of Sung parable in once heard this name.Now, Sung parable becomes his/her own women, the help controls Su Hang situation.And oneself, also finally want to meet with that legendary person.
    "Bother."The leaf autumn facial expression mildly says, inside the body but is have a boiling passion.
    The Xia mutually meets, the strong wins!
    Zhang Que and own teacher Liu Yi Si after passing the telephone comes over here to say to the leaf autumn:"15 minutes, the teacher arrives punctually."
    "Thank."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.Although make contact with for the second time, his felling to Zhang Que is still very good.This person is superficially icy, but the idea is very delicate, he understands the leaf of this time to need a strong opponent for autumn.
    1 can force he is all potential, need to be spared no effort with all strength courageously life the opponent of one Bo.
    Experience dust in life and death hard working to fall to settle, inside the heart of suppress then ruthlessly oppressive spirit can heartily release.
    "Need not polite.Say actually, I also really expect your to definitely."Zhang Que 's face up seldom lead long to pull a to put on to smile an idea."After last time at Yan Su high speed up lose to you, I have been being deliberating this problem.Probably, the teacher is your real opponent."
    The words that hear Zhang Que , west shallow language in the door this knows that what he said before excels a car, a business of pupil king is true.A few women Ji Ji~~ground cross-examine a leaf autumn last time and Zhang Que compete of scene, leaf autumn the business of sister in Sung house over leave out, in brief introduced some kind of.
    Zhang Que is a clear person, the nature can't expose a leaf to intentionally conceal for autumn of thing.
    Doing not make people wait for is too long, when the car wills soon is used up for 15 minutes that king promises and again appear a bunch of strong light on the dish mountain highway.
    Pressing the truth to say should be two bunches of, but the speed of that car was really too quick, two bunches of and baldheaded come together together, far and far see past, is like a light ball is flying to generally roll over.In addition to see a front a little shining is moving, basically have no way to catch any other things.
    When person ground the eyeball still soon exercise but adjust a direction along with the car ground.Car already the calmness has no voice stop at public in front.But this time.Is publically retinal in stop over a ground or a car to rush ground appearance.
    Till today.Is public to just realize'too busy to make proper response'this phrase language ground real meaning.
    Doing not raise dust smoke is billowing.There is also no hullabaloo irritating to the early brake voice.Move if work properly fox.Being quiet is like all flowers.So suddenly calm down ground.Let people have no to prepare ground to appear in front of public ground.
    This is blackly a style of silver the orchid Bo radicle Ni Reventonn.Shape very robustly.It is more astringent to compare otherly sports car tone.

  • mind yogaDatum20.11.2021 15:28
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    also starts becoming a ground of clear.The leaf once took a shower as well autumn today and used of is still the bathing dew of Johnson infant.There is a milk flavor, didn't also make the other people suffer a los.
    Leaf autumn the concentrated spirit listen to, one grass none of one leaf passes.
    There are shoes that trample at miscellaneous grass up, wait until shoes past after, the miscellaneous grass starts to play of voice.
    The autumn of the leaf towardsed violet to beat a signal and told her to totally have three people.From the left side since then of that handed over to her, oneself dealt with front side to touch of two people.
    The autumn of the leaf touches two pieces of rocks from the ground and prepare to the bearer deadly blow at any time.
    A person carelessly trampled to break to fall a tree branch of ground, break of the voice ring out.Leaf autumn the lightning flash sort start to trample.Two pieces of rock lightning flashes that button up on the hand hit, exact center and right against the face of 2 people chest
    The autumn of the leaf to he or she ground hand strength the son has much of self-confidence.As long as shooting them, the absolute ability brokes off their bones.
    Just leaf autumn this disappointed, these are two drive leaf the autumn beat a medium Human body body to send out stuffy hum a voice, it is to be held up for a while to tread son only, on the contrary sped up of to leaf autumn they hurtled to come over.
    What is the row son?
    Don't beat in?
    But leaf the autumn clearly hearded the depressed voice that the rock shoot object.And, after leaf autumn learned this hand to extremely live, also have never accidentally lost.No matter is the sky flies, run on the ground of, visit in hand of, be he wants to make moves of time, neither can succeed in escaping.
    The rock is a bullet, in the battlefield, waste the behavior of bullet in fact is also consuming life.So, don't have confidence, the leaf autumn never and easily made moves.
    But the fact put at at present, those two black dress persons not only only wasn't broked off bone, but also sped speed to leaf autumn they avoid of the place rushed to leave for to come over.Simultaneously run, packed to eliminate a pistol for crying in hand still is shooting bullet.Want to seal their dead a piece of tree trunk is over there behind, make them not have the opportunity to escape and counter-attack.
    The ending up in nothing of rock lets leaf the in the mind is very sorry for autumn.Or say very missing.
    This is originally like you super strong in that aspect, be called Jing to not and falsely deliver small west door, have never thought one day be a big beauty nakedly lie in front of you, Gao when the highland lift his/her own thigh you unexpectedly the Hao have no reaction.
    This kind of hugely falls bad will person so depressed and throw up blood.
    At leaf autumn the time that emotion is lowly, nearby of violet but is an intention to murder Ying however.Always all is that she kills other people, but always no one dare to come to challenge on his/her own initiative.
    These people all want to die.
    The violet isn't a common woman, can't kill a fish to exclaim repeatedly, see blood and then will faint.She is the strong that chose from numerous elites, once bore the most scathing ruthlessness even at the cruel training, she smoked, Xiong wine, kill people is also a simple meal to her.
    When the autumn of the leaf made a phone call for her, keep shouting her name river Yan was purple to really let her in the mind be subjected to a touch.This is a name that covers with dust already a long time, all far and soon forgotten by her.
    All people all call her violet, an isn't a name place name word.
    Originally she also thinks to soon forget.Or, have been already forgotten.Because she always has never wanted to think of it again.
    But when leaf the autumn shout a , these three words of time, her center of earth as if thousand year the copper clock of the thou temple.It be ruthlessly bumped shot by the heavy machine.That connects wave continuous not unique.One by one, several desire faint.
    Think of this name, then thought of relevant this everything.That finely meets.That without sorrow but clinging love, those happiness of grievedly past.
    The whole everythings, river Yan is purple to live to come over again.
    Washed hot bath, lighted a heat of sandalwood, quiet mind yoga, still having no can quell the motion of in the mind.In a row take out after quite a few pay smoke, emotion just little by little steady settle down.
    River Yan is purple to like to see a leaf very much for autumn.
    Because he is like his father too much.That can not call that it is graceful bearing, it thinks of but lets to be full of the man of Ai idea in the public.
    And he together, even if a words don't say, she has already departed from this life of the heart world can also acquire a little source of vitality.

  • holds in the handDatum20.11.2021 15:25
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    The autumn of the leaf picks up a rabbit back and says to the violet:"Our this affirmation will be a winner biggestly tonight."
    There is rules in the club.As long as the wild thing that is a member to beat down by himself[herself].All there is the power to take.Can also not pick up to return to, let the club handle by himself/herself.
    The violet saw one eye leaf autumn.Say:"I and your father once matched with, that, we are to hunt the most set."
    Leaf autumn in the mind rejoice with wild joy, having never thought the violet will mention this problem on one's own initiative and say with a smile:"You relate to with my father very good?"
    After asking a this sentence, bowel sons of leaf autumn all the regrets Be getting greener.
    He sees the ground come out, the violet likes a father, and until can not also forget now.But the father finally didn't choose her and asked him this time relate to not very good, there are some ironic meanings in the total felling.
    Indeed as expected, while hearing this problem, violet's body fiercely one Jiang.Although the leaf autumn can not see the facial expression of clear her face, can still felling ground she is that heavy sorrow.
    "I and your father----It is a friend nicely."The violet in a soft voice says.Then You however sigh, extending far and long.
    "Who is he ?Now where?"The autumn of the leaf is worried ground of to ask a way.
    The violet is obviously very surprised to the problem in leaf autumn, say:"Do not you know who your father is?"
    "Is very strange?"The autumn of the leaf is a bit embarrassed.
    "I think the leaf is old will tell you."The violet says."He be because your father's business son just keep off a Yan city."
    "Exactly once took place how matter son?Where is my father ?"The autumn of the leaf threw a rabbit and came forward the hand of holding tight the violet.
    This woman talks speed too slow, leaf the autumn is malicious to use to bite a ring to directly peep her memory.
    "He died."Violet deep breathing, then the voice deep and lowly says.
    Hear this news, leaf autumn Leng Leng, this at his anticipate in.
    The in the mind just has some to lose, but doesn't feel sad.
    He also feels that oneself should be suffered for a while just right.Or be like the leading role in the television movie, hear the father whom oneself always all has never met not at, cries a dad to shout Niang to try to commit suicide to find to live some kind of.But, he is sad don't get up.
    This is in the world have no without any cause love, also have no without cause the ground hate.He has never appeared, so ground feelings is too visionary.
    "River Yan is purple.We seek a place to discuss good?I want to know the business in past, I father's ground, my mother of, yours, all I should know of affair.Please, all tell me."The autumn of the leaf truly be willing to the ground say.
    He again calls violet really name, hope to wake her up the memory ever.
    "Good."The violet answers a way."I know before having a cake of to embrace a tiger stone."
    When 2 people were about to leave, it was the light of a floodlight to tie to beat to come over again.The leaf shining on the autumn and eyes of violet can't open.
    "The autumn of the leaf."Someone shouts a way.
    "Who?"Leaf autumn the vigilance ground ask a way.The man's voice is very unfamiliar.It is what he always all has never heard.
    "Move out of the way quickly."
    The body of violet suddenly makes a pounce upon a leaf for autumn, then 2 people's body be together falling down on the ground, they just stood there is bullet in a ground of place wear Leng but lead.Dozen ground tree trunk and grass leaf the Pa Pa make to ring.
    The autumn of the leaf hugs the body of violet vacillating on the ground.After averting from that Leng sub- bullet, just find out a big tree to come to a stop.The long bow in the leaf's autumn hand has been already dropped, the violet ground still holds in the hand.The violet draws out three arrowses to take on the Xian a while, the side ear after listenning to listen to with fortitude give°ed the arrows to shoot to go out.
    Someone's pain shouts of voice.
    The violet didn't see their shadow of human figures, the step voice that can depend on their moving listenned to a Bian.Although shot a target,can not let they a recruit dead.
    "Seek dead."Violet full face intention to murder.Hear after that man's painful noise of shouting, again take arrows new moon, one arrows is past.That cried to shout a voice to stop.
    Lin Zi Li resumed again quite, but 2 people hide a behind at the tree trunk a move also motionless.
    Does the sky know to still have rifleman to hide to wait for them emitting a head over there?
    A minute, two minutes, three minutes-
    The autumn of the leaf and the body of violet huddle together, a move also motionless.Each other can feel the heart palpitates of the other party and smell smell the flavor on the other party body.

  • can also guessDatum20.11.2021 15:20
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    Guide at the staff member under, a group of persons are ex- to stop down at a log cabin.This log cabin is called hunter's cabin, here is the place that changes clothing shoes and choice material.The club will provide to hunt to pack for member, oneself can also purchase clothes existence this place.Each member has a cupboard.But hunt of material but is provided by the club.
    Gun, long bow, anti- song bow, knife, long pike and bayonet, in addition to some weapons that is large-scale to kill wound, other hunting apparatuses every kind is supplied here.The violet path keeps choosing Zhang Chang Gong, and then choose the long arrows of a tube carries on the back on the shoulder, she has been already taken precautions against in advance, the clothes on the body also need not change down.
    The autumn of the leaf isn't a member, the nature can't have the clothes that the club provides to replace.
    The fee soars to come forward to say:"I that hunting's packing always have never used.The leaf is little if the words that don't abandon, I take a leaf little changed clothes in the past."
    "Need not."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Wearing the western dress can also hunt."
    The leaf walks the autumn to the material room.Also chose a long bow.Took two tube arrowses to carry on the back on the body.Wanted to think.Once turned round to take a pair of again bayonet.
    The hunting is a free cent set.The fee soars to go in.The autumn of the leaf doesn't force as well.Know he does so is he and violet to talk to provide convenience.And just tonight topic leaf the autumn don't want to let as well morely the person knows.
    "Are we 1 set?"The leaf walks the autumn to the violet in front.Say with a smile.
    The violet sees a leaf's hand lift a ground of long bow and carry on the back the last arrows tube for autumn.The look in the eyes is different.But don't talk.Order.Once turn round.Took a leaf autumn to enter a hunting field.
    Hunting field and log cabin are just one wall it to separate.BE fence in ground with the wire entanglements one big slice of forest peace is original.These two genius lucks come over a ground of wild thing.The untamed nature hasn't thrown away on ground of body.This time hunt is also an incitement ground most.Wait until pass ground Be getting longer for time.These animals' having no ground feeling of impending crisis is in the primary forest.Then will produce sloth thinking.Beat again easily many.Also have no what mean.
    The color of the sky is dusk.The autumn of the leaf and violet self-reliance artistic skill.Have never taken to illuminate an equipments.The miscellaneous grass is horizontal to living on the road.The branches and leaves is exuberant.A burst of cold breeze is inheritted.Whole body top and bottom all as keep chill in deep freeze.Walk at in hazily.If not that ever and anon have otherly a troops to bring a ground of floodlight ground light beam dozen to come over.All make people doubt that this isn't a ghost a wood.
    Violet fore the noodles leads the way, leaf autumn at the behind follow.There is the business to wish to have something to do with her saying parents, but see the meaning that she have been running fast, basically didn't talk, leaf autumn also can be slowly.
    Suddenly, the violet that walks in the front stops under step son.
    The autumn of the leaf always while thinking worry, waiting to notice her action, the bodies all bump to carry on the back after her up.Although across clothes,can still feel she muscle of tight to play to slip.Go into the nose place flavor that smells a Qin person.
    Because her special, leaf autumn's sometimes neglecting violet is a women ground fact.
    Feel now, the violet isn't only only a women.And is the woman whom a pole has woman's flavor.But majority of women have no woman's flavor.
    The autumn of the leaf is just wanting apology, see the violet taking bow and pulling arrows, but having no to immediately give° the arrows projection.
    The side ear very in earnest listens to surroundings ground action, then constantly transfer the directions of the gunning of bow and arrow according to that.
    The autumn of the leaf follows arrowhead to see past, see arrive the animal in white in the distance not to be rushing forward.The forest inside is dark, see the appearance of not pure animal too much.But according to its feet color and accumulate, can also guess, it is a rabbit.
    The rabbit after running several steps grinds to a stop down to puzzle that the ground looks about everywhere.
    In the moment that it comes to a stop, the violet fiercely will pull everywhere bow string to let go, then as if did that arrows grow eyes sort to ruthlessly tie to go out.
    The misty shadow echoes but pours, the leaf autumn runs over a to see, indeed as expected is a rabbit.

  • foppery of violetDatum20.11.2021 15:17
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Allgemein

    The autumn of the leaf more than oncely once asks this answer.Probably, if several Yans are late some this answers that ask, he can give a perfect answer.But now, the understanding of his in the mind to this answer is also not enough clear.
    Come to Zhang world power, inebriate to lie beauty's knee.
    This is what world man all hope earnestly.Is oneself's important position also these?
    Raise head, the fee seeing Yan a few look in the eyeses brightly shiningly stare at oneself, and connecting nearby soars and 6,000 also to this problem produced interest strongly, although cover up intentionally, leaf autumn or from their look in the eyes inside to the expectation of this answer.
    The autumn of the leaf smiled to smile and said:"I want of, be you now own."
    Coronation and people of this world of victor look up at.Just such as now Yan house the privilege enjoyed is general.The victor has the power processing oneself's war booty.
    6,000 facial expression changed to change and scolded a way:"Do you calculate what things?Oneself when the time comes how die all not to know."
    "At least, other people now still live ground thoroughly.It is you to pour-but be taken off pants to cast away avenue up., To, it is said that there is still a stranger could not recognizing you six big little, unexpectedly clapped to shine on for you.Be really can not forgive.If did these photographs spread to a net up how to do?The fee soars very whole is looking at with Xia ground 6,000, a face smiles idea ground to say:"However six little need not be worried about this problem.I fear that these photograph unauthorized biographies go out, the person have already found out to take photo, offer to buy at high prices to come over.In addition to I, other persons are to have no this luck to see six little gorgeous shine on."
    "You-----Xing Fei of, we of the debt slowly calculate."6,000 facial expressions are metal gray, rage under, connect to contradictorily lend to all can not figure out.
    "Say so much."The fee soars the Song shrug of doesn't matter Bang.
    Several Yans see 6,000 leeway of falling intos and clap his shoulder and signal hint him not to have to be excited and looking at a leaf to say for autumn:"It Be getting more understand.Later and the leaf's little close opportunity will be getting more more and more.What plan does the leaf little underneath have?Hunt a park to try marksmanship?"
    Hunting the park is what east east?
    The autumn of the leaf isn't understand, have to shake head brush-off.Say oneself still needs to wait a person.
    After violet enters a field, one eye saw a leaf for autumn.Because several Yans walk up, present many people's look in the eyes has intention to not intentionally take aim toward the leaf autumn there.
    Violet next the body is a close fitting jeans, but the last body is a close fitting camouflage T-shirt, outside cover short Gua of a cowboy.While being full but fructifies, walking the shape refuses to be distracted, eccentric proud feeling from however living.
    Looking heroic bearing is direct and simple, compared with a flock of woman of flirtatious sex appeal of field son inside, many a different heroic spirit.
    The violet has no immediately and seeks a leaf for autumn, but the wine table that arrives at hall the center side, full the whisky pouring three greatest cups quaff in one gulp, make the circumferential person seeing a ground of Tang eyes tongue-tied.Originally some men still have mind to strike up a conversation and see she like this the Hao drink of shape, some hesitant.
    The man of some conquest desire mightiness' pouring is a face to interestingly conjecture her, the heroic women is like strong drink, that kind of the heavy romantic feeling isn't a general woman body up can realize.
    Three cup wine descends a belly together, this just fully satisfiedly grows long light one breath.Carry a cup wine to walk to the leaf again autumn in front, say:"Walk.Hunt a park."
    The autumn of the leaf this just understands, why the clothes foppery of violet and taste wine tonight environment and atmosphere of meeting are inharmonious, but her Hun is inattentive.
    She comes to the eyes ground here origin not for the sake of that what whisky taste wine meeting, but for the sake of behind of hunting park.
    Was early spring to just lead, Xuan Yuan will from great interest the Anne's Ling luck come over a batch of animals.Wolf, deer, rabbit and pheasant, there is even also more than 300ly big boar.Xuan Yuan will of representative director for expecting the power in these cities expensive, made many telephones call to go out.This is also why several Yans will arrive to Xuan Yuan in the tonight meeting of reason.
    Once wore a long gallery of a park type, before there is an iron gate.Led iron gate is an one forest, there is a Xuan Yuan the private hunting field of the meeting.

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